What is a Feeder?

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    As the title says... :) I've tried searching online but I couldn't find an answer on what it is...so thanks in advance :)
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    They look like package car drivers a little, they wear brown uniforms but most of them are 2 to 3xs the size of package car drivers! LOL HAHAHHAHA:surprised::surprised::surprised::surprised::surprised::surprised:
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    They live the dream as they cruise the interstates pulling single, double, and triple trailers filled with thousands of packages to UPS locations across the country. They're all rich and handsome and according to some, they wouldn't know how to act if they ever had a real job.

    There can be a ten year wait for the chance to sit for hours when the roads close for storms, blizzards and wrecks. They may not load or unload, but they deal with their share of bad roads, inappropriate/faulty equipment and road etiquette. Hooking up their equipment involves thousands of pounds and they can wait hours at their destination for the driver they need to swap loads with. A twelve hour work day is nothing but oddly enough there is virtually no turn over in this department.

    Sounds like a picnic to me!
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    So are those the drivers pulling the doubles/triples I see all the time around 11pm/midnight?
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    Midnight? please i see driver's coming IN at 3AM to clock in :surprised:, although id rather work 3A-3P, than 3P-3A
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    Yea I don't even work for UPS I'm just going off of what I see on the freeways around the city during the 11 - 12 o clock hours
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    A feeder is company slang for the trailer that feeds packages to a hub system.
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    finally the real answer
    thank you
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    18-19 year wait to get into this division here, I wish it was 10 years.IMO these are the people that really keep our company going.
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    Travel across any major freeway in the US and you will see lots of daytime feeder jobs. I know going between Minneapolis and Chicago it's hard not to see a feeder every 5-10 minutes.
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    Also, our Christmas's don't suck as package does. What's the worst that can happen-Crappy weather, just drop a trailer and slow down. No exercise, I go to the gym. Knee problems? mine don't hurt anymore. Back problems-No more. Hemmrohids-Dough nut cushion, and plenty of fiber. No worries of crappy load quality, Dispatch off, etc. Instead of damaging 300 packages a day, I can damage thousands of them a day. If load rides crappy switch sequence of trailers.......Best of all STOP COUNT 2 STOPS AND 6 TRAILERS every day.
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    Dont forget tp order new pants before you go, if you are 30,32 better order those 40,42s quick!
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    Hammer, I think they would agree with you! :yes:
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    I was doing a pickup at a former school thursday and theres a photo studio on the 3rd floor and I happened upon Geddy Lee and I said Geddy?..he smiled and said hi and shook my hand and we walked down the stairs of a former school ,his cocker spaniel in tow...I
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    I hope it will keep this company going and going for years to come. some rumors flying around about we'll be replaced by UPS freight in a few years? hope that won't happen.........
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    with the new language in the contract with the compitition commitee, hey you never know......
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    TieGuy gave a direct answer to the question and I'll try to color it a little. Imagine a wagon wheel with the large outer wheel, spokes and the Hub. Along the outer wheel would be the outlying centers and the spokes the route to the hub. The Hub is easiest to pucture as your own. Feeders move or feed freight from outlying centers, transfer points or other hubs to your hub, the center (axle point). From there they may be loaded for delivery or sorted for movement back out (spoke) to another hub for delivery or transfer to yet another hub. The number of hub transfers is dependent upon the pickup and destination of the package. A Burtonsville, MD area pickup (a hub) would only move once for a delivery to VA Beach, VA (a center). That same Burtonsville, MD pkg going to Jacksonville, FL would move twice. It would leave Burt, fed to Richmond, sorted or just bypassed on to JacFL. Clear as Mud right?
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    Mud isn't clear.....
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    Look like that rumor was false, lol.