What UPS is doing to survive this bad economy

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  1. Raw

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    Feel free to add to the list!

    1. When giving the yearly pay raise to drivers , only pay half of the raise for the first 6 months. :sad-little:
  2. backinbrown

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    cutting runs and laying off left and right
  3. jedispork

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    I heard a rumor today that something like 1200 people from management were going to be bought out.

    I think it will be harassment and firing season until the economy picks back up.
  4. backinbrown

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    I hear letting some management go in feb and more in sept

    this rumor is flying fast

    dont know how true it is
  5. Bad Gas!

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    In our building and I assume everyone's, mgt is making dumb staffing moves daily which in turn cost the company more money because of late air and missed pieces and excessive overtme...That is SAD!
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    Volume loss I understand .For 13 years I've worked 6:am to 3:pm Tue-Fri, Sat 7:am to 4:pm . The shift I work is Eam and day Hub . Eam I finish about 10:am sometimes 11:am, Tue-Fri. I finish my day in the Hub. Sat 7:am to 1:pm Eam, 2:pm to 4:pm Day hub. My Eam job is not being changed. But the day Hub is not working Fri anymore and will work Sun 9:pm to 1:am . This makes half a day on Sun Day hub and half a day Fri Eam. Because of this Hub move they say I can no longer work this shift cause of 6 report. My new shift will be 3:am to 7:am and 5:pm to 9:pm Tue-Sat.What a life changer! After all these years! Each day back to work every 6 or 10 hours.
  7. backinbrown

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    hope you dont have the 36 miles each way to work i have

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    What does that compute to time wise?
  9. kingOFchester

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    Ditto. Also, some big wigs came in to the preload and had a talk with the part time supes.........explaining to them that going union would be a bad move. Looks like UPS is worried about their own turning union due to Obama and the possible Card check. They were all told that since Obama is so tight with the unions that the Card Check may go thru. Also told them how it would be a bad move for UPS to have some of mgmt join the union ranks. a lot of ass kissing. Ayone hear of this???
  10. Kraetos

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    What are card checks?
  11. BrownSuit

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    It's a way of unionizing that's much looser than current laws. Right now Unionization requires secret ballots, whereas card check laws would allow a simple petition or group of people signing cards stating that they would be interested in unionization.

    It also changes some of the other rules as to how unions are organized.

    There are a handful of proposals going around right now, some of which are getting a lot of news.

    Chances are that any legislation would be piecemeal, it wouldn't all happen at once.

    Card checks would not affect UPS as it is already unionized, but would have more of an impact on companies like FedEx and non-union truck lines. Expect those to be early targets.
  12. Red Dawn

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    sounds more like bad news for fedex. witch is always good news for ups. fedex ground drivers going union and winning law suits all over. lost appeal in cal. 274million fedex has to pay.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As opposed to a wage freeze or, as in the case of Yellow, a 10% wage cut?
  14. trplnkl

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    Did the BigWigs say WHY it would be such a bad move? What reason did they give?
  15. 705red

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    I personally do not have a problem with secret ballots. One of the big advantages to a card check agreement is you wont have to wait the 90 days to hold the secret ballot election.

    Typically once the NLRB has received the cards it notifies the employer and sets up an election to be held on the employers premises. This now gives the employer 3 moths to harass, fire, promise lies and follow the employees to discourage them from voting in the union.

    All of that will be eliminated (hopefully).
  16. ups767mech

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    Ups has given lay off notices to approx 60 aircraft mechanics system wide.

    Sending our jobs overseas. THANKS BIG BROWN.
  17. kingOFchester

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    haven't gotten the full details from my Brother inlaw. just saw him in passing. His exact quote was ................."they are trying to comvince us that we (management) would not bennefit from going union.......more butt kissing" They specificly mentioned Obama and his promises to the unions.

    For those who think that the card check will not affect UPS....you may be right, unless managemnt goes unuion as well. That certainly will cause their expenses to go up!
  18. dillweed

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    Our center is trying voluntary days off in hopes that we don't have to lose anyone.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The news of companys not laying off hundreds but thousands has hit home close to me. My neighbor has lost his job after 17 years in manufacturing, his wife hasn't found a job in more than a year. The foreclosure sign sale was just posted.

    In my neighborhood, when you lose your job or in financial trouble word gets around fast. Any news of UPS laying off employees my phone rings off the hook to see if I'm affected. I tell them I believe I'm comfortable with my seniority in my building but what happens around me makes me uneasy.

    I only wish the best to the people who get laid off and have family's to support. Yes, lots of rumors are flying around, some substantiated, some pure BS. People are just speculating and what's going to happen is just going to happen, we have no control over it.
  20. helenofcalifornia

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    Unemployment rate in California hit 9.8%. That's almost one in ten working Californians. My daughter is one of those vast unemployed with few good job opportunities available. It's getting bad.