What would you do? TCD vs Fulltime

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    Recently started driving well after peak started and doing pretty much all bulk. Im a TCD who hasnt gon through 30 day qualifying period and i don't believe i get credit for days during the free period. My point is im still getting tcd pay (85% of top rate) . HR recently reached out to me and said im very close to the top of the FT list and asked if im still interested and i said yes.
    But im contemplating that 10 drop in pay. I have more seniority than tcds who i see work 40+ hrs a week and once i make my 30 days i will shoot to the top of the list. I want to make my 30 days as a tcd so i can be red circled at that 28/hr pay rate. 6+ years PT seniority if anyone is wondering.
    What would you guys do? Turn the FT down for NOW(not Forever) and try to bank on my PT seniority? Or take that 10 pay cut and get the garunteed 40 hrs a week? Remember that ill be really high on the TCD list and i see guys with less seniority than me get 40+ hrs a week.
    *I prefer not to be bashed accusing me of being the reason why they dont hire FT im just trying make a living for me and my family* all opinions will be respected either way thanks BC fam
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    either way u are still working on a vested union person, during peak everbody makes $$$ not everybody is home for the kids, to compare is to despair,, just don't go management,,
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    As a TCD your going to get jerked around as your not guaranteed any hours as a driver. In my area we FTCD they are FT drivers that don't have a specific route and are guaranteed 8 hrs of work as a driver a day. There is language in are contract for TCD but they only can be used at specific times of the year basically as seasonal / casuals.

    IMO there shouldn't be language in the contract for TCDs there should only be FT cover drivers. having TCD language makes it so UPS don't need to hire more FT drivers.
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    Take the full time. This job is all about seniority. You just leaving the door open for people to jump you in line if you don't take it now. Hopefully you won't go full time until after you make that 30 day packet and then you can keep your TCD rate
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    You may have more seniority than a bunch of guys right now, but who's to say you decline the full time and they all accept it. Now you're below all of them
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    And as far as i know in my area, 30 days is 30 days if you are doing a reclassification. Doesn't matter what time of year it is. Free period is only for new hires. I know I did my packet during peak and it counted.
  7. Tired of the Bee S

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    Yea i did my packet last year during part of peak.
    Dont believe everything you hear, like we have consistently been told you cannot file grievances during peak which is total BS
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    Thanks for your response you guys have valid points! And guaranteed hours are hard to fight. If that slot does roll around to me like she said ill hop on the opp. Bc it just makes more sense.
    I started driving this week but i only do bulk. If this counts toward my 30days that would be awsome. Im in the southern supplement but i know if i ask the people ill get several different answers so ill just keep count of everyday i drive in the case that they do. Some of you say that your days counted toward your 30 what supplement are you guys in?
  9. Brownslave688

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    It's not about the hours. It's about getting ft seniority ASAP.
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    I am southern, if you punch in, even for 5 minutes on a diad, that's a report
  11. if its not a bid position you can't be red circled, at least here.
  12. dupa

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    Im southern, go full time at earliest chance. get on seniority list asap. Dont bank on anything else.
  13. DOK

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    Take the full time. Jumping ahead of everyone will mean much more than the money down the road.
  14. brownmvp

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    Once again thank you guys for your take on the situation im convinced that the FT is clearly the better choice for seniority reasons (bid routes/vacations) and guaranteed 40 the money will come in due time. If i go FT within this year ill hit top pay by the time i turn 29 and have 4 years FT seniority which probably isnt too bad at all
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    be ready for anything, get to know ur shop Stewart and saftey grp, lots of infor there
  16. joeboodog

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    And if Stewart isn't around ask for Stuart.
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    Unless you are hurting financially you should take the job as soon as it's offered. And I'm assuming that you are getting enough hours as a TCD so that you could afford to pass up full-time. The number one reason to go full-time now is the potential of getting passed up for feeders by another full-time employee with less company seniority because you let that person(s) pass you for full-time. Feeder bids are based on full-time seniority and not company seniority. I don't agree with that but that's how it is.
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    Thanks after thinking about it i agree FT is the best option
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    Update so HR came to me today and told me that im Next to go FT PCD. She said my date of seniority will go to the date when the 156th TCD punch occured in the 4th qaurter after i complete my 30days. So since that is the case there's no way i can be red circled bc i didnt make my 30 days (5 days short as of now). So your boy will be part of the 4 yr progression starting at 18.75. Sucks but i just look forward to gaining that seniority n i will be tryna bank on OT. All in all im happy. Just a quick update