What's it like working in the warehouse?

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    I was told that if I do a good job as a Driver Helper that I may be hired in a warehouse position. What can I expect if I get a job working in the warehouse? Will I basically just be putting heavy objects on a conveyor belt/in the UPS truck/organizing them? What can I expect with regards to starting pay? My other question is, how can I become a good Driver Helper? I guess I don't understand how I can do a bad job at that position if all I'm doing is delivering packages (I haven't started work yet so that is why the answer isn't clear to me). Thanks.
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    Warehouse...working here is like a party...we never wanna leave!
    A Bad driver helper? If you show up late....move too slowly, don't follow driver instructions, talk too much, complain a lot about weather, being tired, etc....won't put down your phone..I'm sure there's more...lol
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    We don't have warehouses; we don't store any packages (except during peak, and then we do it on a grand scale.) We have centers and hubs, and some buildings that combine both functions.
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    Warehouse earns an automatic:

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    It sucks. End of story
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    Preload- it's hot, it's cold, it's early, and it's dirty
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    Yup, that's pretty much it.
    Ask HR.
    Show up on time and do whatever the driver tells you to do.
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    Sagging pants!!