What's the best/worst Christmas gift you've received from a customer?

Captain Qwark

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From gift cards, money, cookies, customers/shippers who always order/ship heavy items who moved off route, what's been your best/worst?

For Preloaders too. How does your driver treat you?


Gone Fish'n
For Preloaders too. How does your driver treat you?
I have a preloader? Is his name Chip?


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Best gift I ever received was a Starbucks gift card.

The fact that it was enclosed in a card where everyone in the office took time to write something personal to me made it the best gift card ever.

I still have that card.

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The best gift...? For days the driver next to me was on his knees in the office moaning about how I was going out lighter than him, they finally caved and gave me 40+ of his stops. That day a customer on his trip gave me a 40$ tip and a whole bag of candies and cookies. You know good gosh darn well I kept that tip.