Whats The deal with Lunch??


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Can someone please tel me what the "offical " deal is with having to take our lunch? First I was told to take at least 15 minutes, then take 30, then take all of it or get written up. Today I sent a message saying I was going to miss business stops and was told to I only had to take 20 minutes?
please help


Its different everywhere man .some have to take it and some can work it and get paid.If you have to take it,Just call for help and take your lunch if its spazzing you out.Oh yea call early...before 13:00 hrs,are you new?
I like to get lunch but sometimes I have to ask for a code 05.In California its the law now that you get paid what you work.I'd like to see that rule everywhere.


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In california we have to take 1/2 hr lunch between 4th & 5th hour, diad shuts down while you are taking lunch. From reading past posts it seems it is different everywhere. Talk to your steward.


This matter has come up in several states. The easiest way to figure this out is to know the STATE law. No matter what the contract SEZ, the company can NEVER violate State Law.

In California for instance, we just went thru a class action lawsuit that resulted in the payment of over 89 million dollars to drivers who worked for UPS from 1999 to 2001.

In my case, I was paid a settlement of several thousand dollars for NOT taking my first and second lunches. These settlements ranged from $1000.00 to $17,000.00 depending on length of service.

This being the case, the lunches are now mandatory. All drivers in California are to take lunch after the 4th hour and before the 5th hour...any violation of this will result in discipline from the company.

After 10 hours, all drivers are entitled to a second 1/2 hour lunch but can waive this lunch by signing a waiver, however, if a driver anticipates working 12 hours or more, that driver MUST STOP and take his second lunch no later than 5 hours after his first lunch. Anyone who works 12 hours must take a second lunch by LAW. There are no exceptions.

Working 12 hours requires the driver to plan ahead and anticipate the second lunch before going into violation.

As the law suits for lunches crosses the USA, eventually all states will clarify what must be done.

A uniform pattern of lunches cannot be applied in all states and the contract cannot supercede state law in any case.



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Didnt california ups have another issue with part time sups hours????That was in the millions also?? Seems like there needs to be some new mgt blood in cali, or at least a firing or two.


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I believe there was a suit brought by the PT sups which resulted in them getting paid by the hour. Not sure of the details though.


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Hey Brown shark.. So has the company had to put in any more routes or hire any new drivers because of the new lunch thing in your area?


Hey Brown shark.. So has the company had to put in any more routes or hire any new drivers because of the new lunch thing in your area?

The anser is no. In fact, this year, routes have been CUT to the bone, in my center, 95 drivers, we are reaching 59 hours a week, week after week.

The OT has gone through the roof and the company doesnt seem to care.

This has been the practice ever since the checks went into the mail.



In North Carolina we are told to take your lunch everyday for 1 hour and 10 min. If you do not take your lunch you still have to put it in the diad and falsify info. Now if you dont put it in your board the company has to pay you for your lunch automaticly. In which I tested and they did pay it, but I did get wrote up also. The best thing to do is just stop and take your whole lunch in between the fourth and sixth hour and just call for help. missed pkgs is there promblem then. I would call before three oclock though.