where is all the money going?

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    Its just a piddly 72 million$ expansion....go to upsers.com and search toronto hub expansion...lots of crappy photos,but it will be huge.
    Another in Calgary mike 23 has to send some pics
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    Awww, do I have to? Plus we're not allowed, lol. No cameras in the building OR phones with cameras on them. I see a lot of drivers leaving the building and going to their own cars for their cell phones. I plan on just hiding mine in my boot and claim their steel toed. As long as there's no xray sensor thing securities too dumb to check the little green tag CSA approved.

    Oh, I DO know that we went from 2 inch water sprinkler pipes to 2 and a half AND we have around 400 sprinkler heads (I deliver to the place that did the sprinkler system).

    I also heard we only have two doors for drivers to exit by...hmm...good planning for 300 drivers :anxious: We also 'forgot' to add ECS until the whole thing was built so not too sure where they're going now either.

    Anyways, go to the upsers website and type Calgary hub.

    They should have pictures of what we work in now...well, those ARE kind of like pictures of what we work in now, like a construction zone pretty much with everything not working properly.
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    If its anything like my building...your new facility was obsolete and overcrowded before the ink on the blueprints was even dry.

    Once completed... it will be the building you needed 15 years ago.
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    True in some instances but not all. The building I worked in(7 centers) was built with a removable wall in the rear (could be lifted out in sections) and could be expanded to another three centers. That was 20 yrs ago and they're still cutting the grass where those three centers could be. But, we don't need them, companies went out of business, moved out of state or overseas. Or is it that the volume went on to another company's trucks? One thing for sure...there's room for 3 more centers.
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    Our center was also designed and built with expansion in mind. UPS bought more land than was needed for the initial facility in case expansion was needed in the future. We process not only the pkgs that we (pkg car and feeders) pickup but we also process freight from Canada, mostly RTA furniture for WalMart.