Which Shipping Company is Kindest to Your Packages?

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    6g? Equivalent to a 2.5 foot fall? Correct me if I am wrong but don't UPS and Fedex require a package to be able to withstand a 4 foot fall? (This is a number from far back in my memory so I could be completely off base) If that is a requirement, I'd say the test itself is setting a standard that none of the companies have even claimed is legitimate. It's like saying, "Hey! my 2DA consistently gets here at 4:00pm and NDA at 9:45am." It doesn't make sense because both fall in the advertised parameters. And technology being what it is, if the 6g trauma is enough to cause damage, then whether it occurs 3.1 times, 2 times or 12 times, what point does it make if it only takes one.
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    We didn't do so well in user comments.
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    Wow, working electronic components designed to activate at given moments, put into a package, unbeknownst to the shipping company.

    Wonder if certain groups got an early copy of this article?