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    I guess everyone has seen the story on the couple that crashed a very exclusive party at the white house. As another twist on this story I am amazed at how many press people apparently had invitations to this exclusive event. National news anchors, morning show producers and of course your society comolumnists which I can understand. I wonder how a Brian williams can attend one of these events(with his wife) and then maintain his objectivity in doing his job. In light of the Fox news snub its clear that anyone who does not play ball with Obama does not get one of these Exclusive invitations.
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    Tie, you bring up an excellent point about the intrepid "journalists" who are supposed to be reporting the news. Unfortunately this is not new and it's quite bi-partisan.
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    when they were talking about a couple crashing the white house, I thought they were talking about a different couple. In 2001, a couple with no business being in the white house got in(after the male of the pair pulled some shenanigans in florida) and stayed for four years and then in 2004, managed to pull some shenanigans in Ohio to remain for another four years.

    While there , he :censored2: on the constitution and wiped his butt with the Bill of Rights. Was he arrested? No. When will he be brought to justice?:wink2:
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    What if it had been a terrorist couple, surely no one would question a couple for fear of profiling, but Geesh, a dumb blonde, and a weiner looking husband, just looked like they belonged I guess.................boy I feel safe with the top guys doing security.
    Thankfully I know I will never get an invite.
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    When obama feels he needs to distract us from the terrible job he is doing.:happy-very:
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    Maybe it is . Kind of looked like someone turned the lights on and all the cockroachs were scrambling.

    In light of the attempted Fox snub I'm not sure it is bi-partisan.

    I'd like to see the guest list and see who they felt was deserving of this exclusive honor.
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    First it was reported that barry & wife were never in any danger because at no time did this couple get close.
    Now:WASHINGTON (AP) - A White House official says the Virginia couple who attended a state dinner without an invitation met President Barack Obama in the receiving line. Michaele and Tareq Salahi were admitted into Tuesday's dinner for India's visiting prime minister although they were not on the official guest list of more than 300 people. It had been unclear how close they may have gotten to Obama.

    I wonder who on the WH staff will be thrown under the bus for this .
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    In response to that the couple never got close, a picture surfaced today showing the (dumb blonde) actually grasping obama's hand while her husband looked on. In my personal opinion i kind of have to lean towards politics or not this was a serious mess-up in terms of security. He could have easily been assasinated.
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    They wouldn't have gotten through under my watch.....the guy's name is Tareq Salahi !!! No soup for you !!
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    You soup Nazi You.
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    I can't believe they got in, it's not like they weren't drawing attention with the camera man and make up artist following them along outside the white house. HELLO!!
    They have actually provided an important service to our country though. Luckily they are only fame seeking morons, not terrorists, and have shown a weakness in the security at the White House. I'm sure security has already been re-evaluated so this won't happen again. If I had been a guest at this event I would be furious. Think of what it the repercussions would have been if it would have been a terrorist or some other wacko that got in and sucessfully killed people at the White House. Political views aside, there were alot of very influential people at this event, it would have been quite a hit to our morale as Americans if the worst would have happened.

    Lesson learned I hope.

    Now let this "reality show wanna be's" fade away , and stop giving them the fame they so crave.
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    Today on the news it was said the Salahis could be charged blah blah blah.

    They did not say the Secret Service agents involved would be charged with anything. They went thru metal detectors, so what? You don't need a gun or knife to kill the President when you're standing right beside him.

    Heads must roll on this one. Our President was not kept safe.
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    The Salahi's have been local..err.."personalities" around here for some time. At one point Shaq was interested in buying their winery out in Hume (it's an absolutely beautiful area), but he backed out once realized what a mess the family was. The WP has an article up this morning that covers a lot of their history.
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    If they got in TWICE then maybe they belonged there?
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    Just like his predecessor :happy-very:!
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    I'm interested in hearing how Robt. Gibbs will be fielding the questions that are sure to come in the next news conference. :surprised:
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    Wouldn't it be refreshing if he came out and said:

    "Yes, we screwed up. Yes, the President was potentially put in harm's way. No, we don't have any excuses. Yes, heads will roll."

    In other words, the truth. The truth would be a refreshing change.
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    Look into her eyes and how she's holding on...hmmm! Also pretty serious for an uninvited guest to get that close, she could've just grabbed a steak knife off a dinner table and created history in a bad way...Who knows.

    White House Party Crashers Cause a Hangover
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