Whos voting "No", and why?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by over9five, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. over9five

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    I think that I will vote "No" because the most important issue for me was getting more paid time off to spend with my family. I am quite satisfied with my current pay, but the pathetically few paid days off we get really hurts our family life. Especially considering on work days, its an early day if we're home by 8PM.
    Love my job, love the pay, not looking to strike, but we could do better....
  2. upsrick1958

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    I am voting no because I think we are being snowballed and something shady is going on. Why isn~t Hoffa being honest with us ????????
  3. lr1937

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    I don't want to be a wise guy, but how much time does your competition get off, where do you stand with other employees at other companies and their paid time off. A 10 yr driver probably has around 40(rough guess) days of paid time off per year. If my figures are right that is about $8000 per year.(all figures are rough estimates and may be low if ups must pay your HW & Pension costs for paid days off) Perhaps you need to tailor your expectations. Do you really think it is reasonable to vote no for more paid time off?
  4. my2cents

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    Interesting question. I wonder how big the chorus of "no" really is.
  5. upsace

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    OOOPS!...You mean there was a Golden Egg (additional paid time off)left behind. We can't have that. Better call Hoffa and the boys ASAP!
  6. thedrooler

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    I think you're on to something here. Or maybe you're just on something. Are you affiliated with TDU(Teamsters Designated as Useless)? This appears to be a great contract. What could Hoffa possibly be hiding?

  7. deede99

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    I got a copy of the contract this morning. It is a really good contract. But you can't please everyone. Some people are just not going to be happy.
  8. are we the only employees who do not get matching 401K contributions from our employer? why does UPS not match our contributions?
  9. 22threeman

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    teamstermember---you won't find many companies who offer both a pension and a match to the 401K. It is usually one or the other. Curious, does anyone know a company that offers both? I am sure there are a few. Those lucky employees!
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    UPS does not give certain beni's like 401K because your union does not ask for it.
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    I am not Tdu yet or on anything. If Hoffa is not hiding anything then why can we not have the contract prior to 7/31/02? Show us what hoffa traded off for the suposed best contract ever.I WILL VOTE NO and will not vote for Hoffa again .
  12. over9five

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    <ir1937>Do you really think it is reasonable to vote no for more paid time off?

    I think we all vote Yes OR No based on the issues that are most important to ourselves. Some will vote Yes based on the salary increase. I, being a family man with 2 kids that I really only see on the weekends, would trade off some of that wage increase for more paid time off.
    It seems to me that UPS tries to solve a lot of problems by throwing money at it (wage increase). Im suggesting maybe they could use some of that money to make the job a little more family friendly.
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    UPS has provided a "fair" contract, but when you cast your ballot, you must ask yourself is it right for me. UPS has had their last two Unions, Pilots and Air Mechanics, vote down their mid-term contract and the mechanics t/a. The mechanics voted down by 83% and pilots 68%, the reason was that UPS "lowballed" the members. The bright side to this is that the Air Ops is under the RLA, which provides UPS to operate with expired collective bargaining agreements. In closing, this contract seems to fair to the people that will "top out", I just hope the part-timers and junior employees dont get screwed by the big brown machine.
  14. kjones514

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    UPS offered a 3% 401k match and defined contribution pension plan of 12% to local2727.com, this was 1 of the many reasons the contract was voted down by 83%.
  15. smlsrtgrl

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    Alot of people in our operation are voting NO beacause they feel that once again the airport people are being neglected in the contract. We do sorts and don't get sort pay, because are not a center or a gateway we are considered a bypass. Many are talking of leaving the union as well. Why pay dues when no one represents us? Altought I do agree with some of these things, I have not seen the full contract yet and have yet to form a opinion as to my vote. So please don't jump all over me.
  16. sendagain

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    This contract is as good as anything we're going to get with the current state of the economy. If we vote no, the public will bash us for expecting more and Fed Ex will start taking jobs away from all of us. More time off is ridiculous.
  17. yonnko

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    Even if everyone voted no, the contract would still be a go. The Teamsters would see to that, and we would only receive what information the teamsters hierarchy wanted us to. Some of you have been around long enough to this by now. Stop being so nieve.
  18. tieguy

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    <font color="0077aa">This contract will pass with a resounding yes.</font>
  19. charlie

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    Mr. Jones,
    A contract offer to be the best paid mechanics in the industry was a low ball offer? The pilots last contract made them the best paid in the industry.

    A little food for thought from The IPA sight...."the NMB has told the mechanics they won't talk anymore until the mechanics adjust their requests so it could be a long time before they are released and could strike."

    You would have a lot more respect if you would present both sides of the story..........

  20. kjones514

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    Sorry Charlie, I was just posting my opinion, which was mirrored by 83% of my brothers and sisters. I cannot speak for the IPA members, but the are my "internal customers" and I hear what they say about UPS. Don't get me wrong, I love working at UPSCO, but I see so much money, time, lost revenue, and general "bad calls" made daily, that I wonder "can a company survive be run like this." I cannot speak for the "ground side", but the "air side" steps over a dollar to pick up a penny, and it is cause for concern. Sorry if I do not have your respect, I am only looking for UPSCO's respect. The NMB has schelduled talks for Aug, this hopefully will lead local2727.com to the Industry Leading Contract.