Why A Separate Contract For 705?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by big_arrow_up, Jul 27, 2008.

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    I'm a little behind on things (actually more than a little) and have no clue as to why Local 705 has there own separate contract. I didn't even know it was this way until the strike vote was about to happen. A bunch of people in our center were hanging out last night at a cook out and were discussing this. Most of the other guys there were like me and didn't know that a strike was looming in Chicago. We all agreed that a strike up there could have drastic affects on the rest of the country. In our PCMs management has been talking about us loosing volume (mainly NDAs) due to the high gas prices and the economy. Customers are looking for ways to cut costs and a strike, even if it's just in the Chicago area, could scare customers away. Could someone please educate me on why they don't fall under the same NMA as the rest of us? I'm just curious.
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    Nobody was around 100 years ago when 705/710 had their first contract talk, and somehow got separated from the national, it appears to be a Chicago tradition, all the locals their have separate contracts.
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    I may be wrong but for me it seem that it would be better if everyone was covered by the same NMA. Customers can usually breath easier when they hear that contract negotiations for the rest of the country are settled but then all of the sudden there is talk of a strike in Chicago and they are nervous again. Allot of packages come down here from Chicago.
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    really what other locals have seperate contracts from major unions?
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    UPS wasn't in Chicago 100 years ago.
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    Originally, there was no National Master. Small Locals sometimes joined together and negotiated as a group. In 1979 many of these regional groups were brought together under the first National Master Agreement. The Master was a limited document, as it is still today, and each region kept its own agreements (now called Supplements).

    Some Locals are so large they are as big or bigger than other regions. Locals 705, 710 and 804 for example. Each Local or regional group must decide if it is in their best interest to join the National Master. Unfortunately for the Master, it doesn't have much to recommend itself. Much of what it covers is already covered in the Supplements (or the independant contracts of 705 and 710). There's the huge part-time concessionary language, the huge Air Operation concessionary language, and the problem that the Locals get lost in the mix when the International takes over.

    Some may see the International as being in bed with management and do not want to place themselves at the International's mercy.

    Note how the International moved up the voting timetable so that nearly everyone was caught off guard. Voters had very little time to digest the proposed agreement. A phoney January 1, 2008 pension deadline was invented. Everyone was told we had to get an early agreement so the customers wouldn't get scared off, and yet here we are with the contract negotiations of Locals 705 and 710 and the Machinists Union obeying the true July 31, 2008 expiration date anyway.

    If you read the proposed Master and then saw how the Teamsters officials nationwide voted unanamously to recommend that we accept the contract on the first go-round, why would you want to give up your local control and independence and join?

    Why dilute everyone's vote by voting on numerous issues that don't directly effect you and about which you may know very little. My ballot had me voting on employees of CSI, UPS Latin America, Challenge Air Cargo, Trailer Conditioners, Inc., the withdrawal from the Central States Pension Fund and the creation of a new UPS/IBT Pension Plan for full-time Central Staters, the continuation of the UPS Pension Plan (for part-timers in Central States) even though I'm in New England and have nothing directly to do with these and other situations.

    The Master also includes each and every Supplement as part of THE CONTRACT even though each region only votes on its own Supplement. You are thus "agreeing" to all the other Supplements without any say, and without even seeing them.

    It's all designed to dilute your vote and engineer a ratified contract, no matter how many concessions it includes. Management likes the Master arrangement because they can more easily manipulate the whole process.
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    more anonymous misinformation. several locals in PA and local 804 showed that they had not given up their control and independence.
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    Hes getting to you tie. You have stated several times that you will not respond to jon until he registers yet today i have read 4 posts that you have replyed to.

    You must be laying off the meds so you can pass your dot and come here to drive. Just get here half the ptime sups at cach have connections to any kind of narcotic, just becareful what gang sign you throw up at them. It all depends on which out bounds you are in.
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    My position is consistent. I may reward Jon with a response from a registered member when I feel gracious enough to do so. Its a shame you don't think enough of cheryls hard work to support the point I make. But then You may need one person on the east coast supporting you friday.

    As for chicago I figure all I need to do is find a dirty doo rag, have my teeth removed and get a full frontal lobotomy and I could easily be elected president of 705.

    your disdain for your cach brothers is duly noted.
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    What misinformation?

    The Master [which is what you quoted me talking about] passed on the first ballot, regardless of how "several locals in PA and local 804" voted. Whatever "No" votes were cast in those locals got swallowed up. That's the whole point of the Master; to insure a "YES" vote. The Teamsters are a business. They sell a product. Their customer is UPS. The product they sell is LABOR PEACE.

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    It keeps on coming to the same words.

    705/710 feel they are doing us a favor by being separate and fighting the issues


    They will be hurting us, even if they just take Friday off. Disrupting service to our customers can't be tolerated or accepted, especially in a recession.
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    I definately agree with the second part there even though I don't think we are truly in a recession yet (per the definition of a recession). I don't necessarily disagree with the first point. I'm still trying to understand the logic behind them being seperate from the rest of the country. I had two customers that ship out allot with us ask me about the possible strike yesterday. I was surprised because if it weren't for Browncafe then I'd be in the dark but those customers know about it. The two shippers were stating how they were caught off guard by this because they thought they were in the clear once they had heard the contracts were settled early but now they have found out that they may have trouble shipping and receiving certain packages due to this Chicago thing. They asked me "What is wrong with you Teamsters?" They were joking of course but they are a little nervous.
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    Fedex has sent letters to our customers, and there has been radio and TV coverage in the midwest thanks to local 705, not a word out of local 710, they at least don't rattle the sabre while negotiations are going on. Local 705 likes the idea of losing UPS business and jobs!!
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    Doesn't 710 have a "No Strike Agreement" with UPS?
    In other words they will not cross lines but will work through contract talks.
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    I don't know about that but I heard that 710 may have a handshake with UPS, if its true than 705 will hopefully follow and forget about this strike! Unless of course 705 wants more than what 710 got!! Fedex has sent letters and customers are very upset!! There will be jobs lost even if there is no strike and unfortunately the UPSers in Chicagoland will be hurt the most.
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    Hey, with heartwarming posts like that your ready for management. Tell me what center your out of. I think I just found the one I`m volunteering to picket in front of. We`ll see how much we can tolerate.
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    When a contract expires it does that it expires. No language extends past the expiration date unless both sides agree to extend.
  18. tieguy

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    710 has a handshake agreement as of today.
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    Your stressing Cach. Step back and take a breather.
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    I know it may be too early to ask, any ideas of what they got?