Why don't I get very many hours?


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I have only worked a total of about 16 hours. I always work when they call. I am a seasonal jumper. Will I be working more this month and will they ever call at other times of the year?


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When i first started out at UPS I was a seasonal helper. Now Im a full time driver and use helpers when they send them to me. The most Ive ever heard of a helper working is 25hours a week. They wont work you any other time of the year either.

Basically UPS gets in a pinch with all the volume this time of year and needs additional help. But they dont treat the helpers like real employees. i.e. few hours, two months of work(maybe), and always on call. So dont expect to much.

If you liked working for UPS when the Holidays are over look for work in the factory. Like package loaders, clerks, Saturday driving and Carwash. Ive done them all and in time you can get a driver spot.
Anyways seasonal driver helper is easy work, but its not a real position at UPS, just a way for them to get around hiring new ppl.