Why I like GPS to "spy" on me

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. soberups

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    I had an incident today that, after I thought about it, made me grateful for the GPS and DIAD software that can follow my every move.

    I was at a residential stop with a signiature required package. I rang the bell and the door was answered....by a girl wearing nothing but her underwear and a bra. She was probably 12 or 13 years old, and she had a couple of friends at home with her who were standing in the hallway watching, giggling and laughing. School was out yesterday, and it was a case of 3 teenage girls at home playing a joke on the UPS guy. It was probably a dare or a silly juvenile prank, they were just trying to embarrass me. Had she been an adult, I might even have enjoyed it...but I have a daughter about that age and I felt sad and a bit embarrassed for her.

    Well, I got the signature and got the hell away from there. I didnt react, I didnt say anything to them and I didnt go inside. As I continued my route, I was grateful for the GPS in my DIAD. Had this incident resulted in any sort of false accusation of inapropriate behavior on my part, the GPS would be able to prove that I was at the house for less than 2 minutes, and that I left immediately and continued working. There would be a record of 15 deliveries in that neighborhood over a 25 minute period. I had a computerized, tamper-proof alibi. I know it sounds paranoid, but we live in a YouTube world and you never know when some teenager with a cellphone is going to play a prank on you and post it. As a husband and a father of a teenage girl, I am glad to be able to show that I didnt participate or do anything inappropriate.
  2. Cementups

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    The only problem with your theory is that is your word against her and her friends when her dad calls in and says that you asked her, "Is that all you are willing to show me?" or something along those lines. Un/fortunately the DIAD does not include a recording device to listen in on your conversations during said delivery. Alot of words can be exchanged in 2 minutes.
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    That update is in the next model. :funny:
  4. cachsux

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    Cement hit it on the head. Plus in two minutes you could have easily said "look what I have to show you". What I would have done and did in a somewhat similar experience would be to call the ctr and perhaps the cops right away. The general rule is whomever calls the cops first is the one in the right. Besides,search the board, when has UPS taken the word of a driver over anyone else. If you haven`t I still would report it.
  5. over9five

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    You did everything right, Soberups.

    I am amazed you aren't posted on Youtube however. Seems like exactly what they'd be doing (recording you).
  6. soberups

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    There wouldnt have been anything to record. I kept my mouth shut, got the signature, turned around and walked away.

    The GPS would have shown a delivery 2 minutes prior a block away, and another delivery a minute or two later, also a block away. At the very least it would prove that I didnt hang out or spend any time there. If the girls tried to claim otherwise, the GPS would prove that they were lying about the amount of time, therefore discrediting anything else they might say.

    I didnt call anything in because no laws were broken, it isnt illegal to answer the door in your undies, its just creepy and inappropriate.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    Doesn't prove you did not let it all hang out.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Song from teh 60's I believe. The Hombres.
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    Soberups the only thing I would suggest to do in such a case is call in talk with oms/pcs or on road sup. (someone) next time just CYA. Anytime drvrs had something happen to them they would always call me say something so I would have a heads up in case I got a message or something from 800 # to be ahead of the game basically.

    I always kept a notebook of things I documented so I would have info. if I had to come back to it.

    I'm really hate that happened even more sorry that those girls had no more respect for themselves than to do something so stupid. That could have been someone else to walk up on those girls have bad intentions could have hurt them and there practical joke would have turned into a nightmare.

  9. outta hours

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    Right again Hoaxster

    Sleep all day, drive all night
    Brain my numb, can't stop now
    For sure ain't no doubt
    Keep an open mind, let it all hang out.
  10. cachsux

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    Next time call it in and CYA. Think the worst thing you could have possibly said to that girl and see how long it takes to say it out loud. Less than the time you were there? CYA and call. I would have called this in to both to cover my butt but also I`m sure the cops would swing by to ask this girls parents if they knew what was going on. If they did it to you who else are they doing it to? Even if the cops didn`t do more than call at least they have a record of this going on when the Dominoes guy is accused of molestation.

    My situation was back in package I had a two story apartment complex with stairs open to the outside. I had a bag for an upstairs apartment,knocked on the door and waited. Knocked again,grabbed my delivery notices and began to fill one out. I then realized I could toss the bag onto the deck of the apt from the stairs. I put "package on deck",stuck it to the top of the door and walked over to the stairs. i had to step up on the bottom of the railing and lean over to the railing of the deck to drop the package up against the sliding patio door and as I dropped it the woman ti the apt came out from the hallway in a bra and panties. She saw me,I saw her and embarrassed I pointed at the package and left. I get in to the center that night and the complaint is already there. I told my sup the story and he laughed and asked if one girlfriend on route wasn`t enough. He took care of it and I never heard about it again.
  11. rocket man

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    best to forget it . do a d r next time.
  12. hdkappler

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    when i delivered a package the person said door opened.told her i wasn't allowed inside of the house.she had gotten out of shower.sat package on porch and left.next stop a bus.i called the center and told them.(cya).c.m.said i did the right thing.
  13. toonertoo

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    But I guess its ok if a nasty old man comes to the door with wanger in hand. Who am I going to call and tell that to. I just throw the bag, box, over it and DR, man.
    You tube, if I had a camera with me I could post a bunch.
    Some people are just disgusting and disrespectful. I would never yell come in at my house and there are only 2 people who come here. A knock on the door deserves a respectful welcome. Not a whoisit 5 times, or a come in.
  14. Cementups

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    This sort of happened to me last week. The old man came to the door and told mehe had no pants on. I told him,, "Don't worry about it. we've both been in locker rooms before." He shirt hung down long enouh anyway to cover anything he had for anybody to see (which I didn't, so we're clear).
  15. over9five

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    I once went to a house with a signature required package. Beautiful woman answers just out of the shower holding a towel to cover herself.
    I hold out the DIAD with one hand, and the stylus in the other, smiling. I expect her to ask me to hold the DIAD while she signs. Instead, she hands me the towel so she will have both hands to sign! Woohooooo!!

    <I totally made that up>
  16. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    An adult woman is one thing,actually two to three things if your lucky. An underage girl is CYA.
  17. drewed

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    Yea, I can see bad things of this, my teenage years werent to long ago, I can see a girl coming to school the next day and being like OMG the UPS guy said I was soo hott and if he was on lunch hed come in and we could..........

    Totally made up but someone would over hear tell the parents, tell the cops and youd have your arse handed to you.
  18. dilligaf

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    I had an apt del some time back. Sig Req. A woman answered the door with a sheet and not a stitch of clothing on. The sheet covered only half of her body. I got the sig and chuckled all the way back to the truck.

    I totally didn't make that up.:happy2:
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    While I wouldn't have given up Driver Release for anything....it did take some of the fun out of the job.......if you know what I mean!!