Why is there silence on our contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by wayne1970, Nov 24, 2013.

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    We are hearing nothing about the contract negotiations. Usually we have done the flex spending accounts etc by now. I assume none of that is done because of the contract. We are a satellite zone so we don't hear anything.
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    They will not allow us to do anything like that due to the contract not being in place. If you would of tried to call the benefits line it said that if you are trying to do any changes to your benefits during open enrollment they would not accept them, there was a message before you could even talk to someone, then all the person said when you finally talked to someone was that nothing was being done due to us not passing our last contract proposal. We had a driver try to add his son to his medical and they told him not going to happen and no it wasn't a newborn, if you had a newborn they would allow that.
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    Has anyone found out if the medical gets moved over or not come Jan 1. That is normally a yearly thing, so I suspect that we would be on one side or the other for the full year. I would like the free prescriptions, spend good money on those drugs, unfortunately.
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    This is the Freight forum. UPS Freight is a division of the company in which the unionized employees are covered by their own, separate contract.
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    Oops, sorry