Why MT3 Is Really Upset

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    Because FedEx is losing accounts or is about to lose them. Since Day 1, this company has depended on the extraordinary efforts of it's frontline workers to "make it happen". Well, now it isn't happening, and the multiplier effect is wreaking havoc on the Express system. A few years ago, I was the one (or one of my competent co-workers) leading the reload, making sure everything was done properly and on-time. The managers couldn't do it, because they either didn't have a clue, were already at home, or were too busy dealing with some station personnel drama. Now, nobody cares, except the suck-ass Team Lead or Asspire candidate running the show, and we have lots of late CTVs, shuttles, and even cause a few F delays on an increasing basis.

    The next morning, when the senior is wringing his hands on the belt, pleading for the "team" to make it happen because the CTV missed the plane again, I'm secretly celebrating, as are many others. We want to see FedEx fail. Why? I guess folks are getting tired of having takeaways and being "rewarded" with paper BZ's or FedEx rubber balls, or pens. or other cheap crap for going above and beyond.

    For years, Fred could count on almost everyone going above and beyond, and frankly, that's what made it all work. Now, almost nobody is on-board with the program, and it shows. Once you reach the point of no return with the core group of employees bad juju is almost guaranteed, and that's what they're seeing in MEM right now. Lots of bad juju.

    Morons that they are, their "solution" is to push us even harder and expect more...just as people are reaching that tipping point of never giving "more" again. They don't get it, and they never will....until we push-back even harder.

    Maybe Fred has taken Matt's name of the reservation list for that new G650 he wants so badly. But " above and beyond" is gone, and that's what made FedEx work as well as it did, so Uncle Matty might never get his new toy.

    That would be just fine with me. Keep having those late shuttles, CTVs, and missed pickups, so the system keeps failing.

    Bravo Zulu!!
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  2. Cactus

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    It's what happens when corporate thugs push their luck just a little too far.
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    The Ground model can't be transferred to the Express division, a less educated, transient, and undedicated worker is what is killing Express.

    That might be fine for the Ground way of things, but it obviously is suckin bigtime over here.
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    I was one of the many who foolishly gave it my all to help build this company into the Frankenstein's monster which it has now become. I now feel it my obligation to dedicate those same efforts to it's un-doing in my remaining time. Am I happy about it? Of course not, but I'm not the one who's been sitting back getting fatter every day all the while finding more and more clever little ways to pick my employees' pockets clean.

    Fred, I don't begrudge you a lavish lifestyle. Yes, I know there'd be no FedEx if it were not for you, but you seem to have forgotten that equally as true, there'd be no FedEx today if it were not for us. We don't ask for wealth, just a decent standard of living. Just how many BILLIONS does it require to keep your head above the poverty line, Fred?
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    Good points, and it could also be that now they are "officially mad" and will have to do something about it. Too many couriers in the near future? Fire the ones not making service. It's possible.
  6. That's what unemployment is for, right? Haha
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    Here's my MT3 math for today.

    Poor service + excessive send agains = Unhappy Customers.
    Unhappy Customers + poor service + excessive send agains= Lost Accounts
    Think Apple (very possible).

    Screw you, Matt. Better start looking for another job because Fred won't be liking all of your eff-ups.

    And if anyone from Apple is on here, it won't be getting better anytime soon. Count on it.
  8. morgan

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    i used to be a hustler. i would go out and kill a route, usually getting back to the building at least an hour earlier than the regular driver. and as fedex has taken more and more from me, ie: split shift pay, higher health care/deductables, swings having a separate vaca bid etc, i've backed it down. first to just barely making thier fictitous on road goals to just making them at 100% to now just making sure i can tank whenever possible. these managers who live in a fairy tale world thinking this is a team, trying to make people take extended break if they're slow that day need to get a wake up call. this place doesn't run without employees. they have been holding us hostage using a bad economy to treat us like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: knowing odds are nobody is going to leave. well as our economy gets better people are starting to leave i for one am glad to see them struggle to fill the schedule with too few people. looks like the rule of MT3 is on its last leg!
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    Executive mgmt if first and foremost interested in making Wall Street happy. After that the customers then themselves. We have become expendable in their minds. Still if they think they can run a service oriented business with front line employees who no longer care about service, they are in for a surprise.
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    Reminds me of a talk radio show I was listening to about rich people in the down economy. Some guy was actually complaining he could no longer afford smoked salmon every night with his wine or some horseshoot. He said he could only afford like 2 nights a week. These people need to be slapped.
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    Be careful what you wish for. You might make more money.