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    I went in to work yesterday and this is how our schedule looks. there are 10 spots with start times of 9:00. the ten percent guy has a star time of 6:00 mon. then 12:00 tue thru fri. He will be called if needed sooner or later. Now heres the true WILL CALL. The last three spots have no start time. "will call" is listed in its place.

    I heard through the grapevine that the morn super tried to "will call" one of these guys and could contact him until four or five hours later. The Manager sugested that this was a write up action on the employee for not being available. this is crazy to me. I thought the contract stated that start times will be posted, not "start phrases". " COME ON UNION, STOP THIS NONSENSE!
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    How can the union "stop this nonsense" when they don't know about it?


    Have you or anyone else filed grievances on this or any other wrongful practices?

    Have you notified management or sup in charge that, in your eyes, it's wrong?

    For one thing, this union thing is new to UPSF. Maybe some of your terminal mgrs need to be educated.

    For another thing, this union thing is new to alot of YOU guys too. Maybe some of YOU need to educated also instead of waiting for someone ELSE to take the lead.

    This is not meant to be sarcastic or argumentative but just trying to make us realize that we can't wait for higher-ups, company OR union, to take action. We have to take the initiative.
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    they know about it . they know about it all. They even know about the full timer that was cut to casual six months ago when we we still had casuals below him. I've heard that same crap about doing something ourselves instead waiting for the union. Well as i recall , we pay these guys union dues to uphold the contract through stewards. The manager does what he wants and we file a greivance. The full timer i spoke of earlier lost half off his pay and the only thing the union told him was that there wasn't time to hear his case at the last meeting, last week so now we can assume that it will be another six months for the next one. If that guy blows his cool and get physical, i promise you it would'nt be six months before he pay and yet this man is demoted for the simple reason of saving money. They only education i need is the contract. the only education you need is the contract.