1. H

    My hours are driving me crazy and I don't know what to do.

    For context I only started almost a year ago so I'm fairly new. I've been getting called in to work my local sort (5:30pm-9:00pm) then sometimes preload (3AM-8:00AM). Somedays I drive 8am-6pm then be expected to MAYBE work preload 3am the next day. So im summary I have to stay available all day...
  2. ProudDaddy41

    Driver of 20 years, how do I get out of the union?

    I am a driver of 20 years, I’ve been in the union the entire time. How do I get out of the Union?
  3. H

    FMLA is up ,Doc. Put me on restriction, UPS won’t let me work

    Hi follow teamster brothers and sisters, I’m in a unique situation, I have a history of back issues over my 20 years being with UPS . I told management years ago that this task has made me hurt . “UPS management pulled me in a room implying I was trying to commitment insurance fraud”. So I...
  4. A

    UPS Delivery Driver Full-Time Job questions

    I came across a UPS Delivery Driver full time job and I thought it’d be a good suggestion for my boyfriend to apply to. But the description says the driver would be working for eight hours on a flexible schedule Tuesdays to Saturdays and no longer Mondays. What is an eight hour flexible delivery...
  5. Lambo

    Second week preloading, need some insight.

    Today was the end of my second week preloading trucks off the belt. Running out of room in trucks is becoming less of an issue and I'm getting slightly more efficient at finding the right shelf, no misloads etc. But loading 4 trucks at times becomes extremely stressful and overwhelming, I...
  6. U

    advice on scary situation

    recently i was told by a coworker that another coworker i have had problems with peaked at my check to find my address. this alone is creepy and upsetting but what came next was truly horrifying, coworker 1 went on to say how coworker 2 described what my house looks how my wife and kids look...
  7. W

    General advice for new loaders?

    Hi, I just started at ups as a part time loader (not seasonal made it in before the cutoff). I had my in class training days Monday through Wednesday, my first on floor day Thursday and my evaluation on Friday. I hit 330 PPH and my best wall was a 9 my worst a 6. I don't have any issues...
  8. T

    30 day probation... dqed for not running 0.00 or below

    On day 29 I was told that I was disqualified for not making scratch 5 days in a row. I came off the the sort onto the road and during my probationary period was told alot of different things. Such as I only needed 3 days of scratch not finding out it was 5 until half way through. And that if I...
  9. R

    No news for 2 weeks after DOT and road test

    I'm wondering what the heck is going on. It's been just about 2.5 weeks since my roadtest/DOT and still nothing from HR. Is this the norm? I have left multiple messages, filled out all neccessary documents, but still nothing! Anybody have any idea what's up?
  10. D

    On Topic - Not sure who to speak to about this/what to do..

    Hi, I found this forum via the internet (obviously). I've been a driver (FT) for 20 years now, and am asking this for a friend of mine I work with that started around the same time: "I'm trying to word this so it doesn't come across in a way that isn't intended: Recently, I got a new driver on...
  11. Brandon5658

    Tips on being a Driver Helper?

    Third month of UPS so far, just joined the union. Doing preload in the sort aisle as well as loading trucks on Saturdays. I recently started doing driver helper and I like it. Haven't learned the DIAD yet but its looking promising. The extra hours are really helping me out (when they remember to...
  12. U

    Tips/Advice for a new loader?

    This is about my third week at ups, 2 weeks without a trainer. Now everyday I have 2 trucks at a time and one has heavy flow, one has medium flow. My timing is way better than I first started with scanning and placing at a quick pace. But even then sometimes I get overwhelmed when I’m a bit...
  13. Brandon5658

    I suck at preloading.

    Today I had the same 4 trucks to preload. It was hell. A :censored:ty packed box of books opened under the weight of itself and it caused me to get backed up with packages. My scanner then decided to fail and my supervisor wasn't around to help me so I asked another preloader. My supervisor was angry...
  14. P

    New hire here! Any tips/Advice???

    Hi people! I just got hired by UPS in Atlanta, GA! My start date is this Monday. Any tips or advice for a newbie like myself??? What can I expect?
  15. H

    Need Some Advice

    You're probably rolling your eyes because it seems like every PT worker come here to complain. I have a situation and I'm not sure how to handle it. I work preload in a small town. Our building is pretty small. Just two belts for loading and one sort isle of maybe 5 workers. I have been in my...
  16. PhatPattheRiverRat

    I did it, I'm a twilight package handler. How to be the best I can - ON TOPIC

    Sweet diggity, I'm a twilight package handler. I start next Wednesday and want to do a good job so I can maybe be kept on p/t in the future, and also to try and make the driver's and other handlers lives a bit easier. What do you wish someone had told you before you started this position? Also...
  17. MisplacedRailWorker

    Feeder drivers, is UPS the place to begin a career?

    First of all, good afternoon and many salutations to you salty UPSers you. I am a former package handler who started as a driver helper in Manhattan. I got the permanent position shortly after peak season and worked there for about 6 months before leaving. I want to become a driver and at my...
  18. W

    When you got that awful day at work, what goes through your mind to make it better?

    As a preloader I could sit here and say you drivers and etc don't have tough days but y'all have to deal with PEOPLE through out your day so I know I don't really have it that bad. I've been in customer service for 7 years I know it sucks. When you get that tough day, what gets you through it?
  19. W

    Got snapped at by a clerk for being early and setting up the belt?

    Just a rant. I get to work 20 - 40 minutes early everyday. Clerk saw me setting up the belt like she has many times and says "wish you guys would stop coming in early and working off the clock". I tried to explain that I was just setting up cause it helps me get ready to just start loading my...
  20. W

    What to do when you have multiple bulk stops for one truck?

    Hello everyone hope your Friday is going well. I just have a question about multiple bulk stops for one truck. What do I do with them? Where do I put them? I get these bulk stops everyday but todays one was particularly big, especially for this truck. I always get 3 bulks for the same places...