1. H

    Package sent to "overgoods" after failed delivery attempts???

    Long story ahead. I'm new here so I apologize if any of the questions I raise here have been answered in other threads. Though I've done a ton of Googling and my problem appears to be unusual. I live in Los Angeles and a couple of weeks ago, I went to a FedEx store and had a package shipped to...
  2. sleepnowinfire

    The belt with. ..

    never-ending misorts... the trailers that take the in city delivery packages never seems to fail at giving misorts. 1 out of every six is a misort, 1 out of 10 is an intercept.
  3. JackDR

    UPS joining 21st century anytime soon?

    Just a couple inquiries: 1) Our uniforms are extremely outdated & not made for the current task at hand. Anybody know of anticipated release of new driver uniforms? 2) Personal dress & appearance policy is a joke. Policies need to change with the times. I can maintain a clean professional...
  4. H

    Need Some Advice

    You're probably rolling your eyes because it seems like every PT worker come here to complain. I have a situation and I'm not sure how to handle it. I work preload in a small town. Our building is pretty small. Just two belts for loading and one sort isle of maybe 5 workers. I have been in my...
  5. Bratty Brown

    New Delivery Notices?

    Ran into a Package Driver at a Feeder pick up and he showed me these new notes they are being asked to put on people's cars when they suspect they may be blocking them. What do y'all think about this idea ?
  6. B

    M-F air package driver

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and have searched countless forums on this position. My local ups posted a job for a M-F 10am-3pm air package PT position. Can anybody give me a ballpark starting pay for this position? I'd really love to get my foot in the door with ups as I've worked for CDL delivery...

    Uber-ish Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

    I think Abney just straightened out his pleats !!!! Self-driving delivery truck from Udelv begins public beta - Video
  8. B

    CCO retirement

    Anyone disappointed or even excited that CCO is retiring
  9. purehavanne

    No Deliveries After 9pm, Including Peak

    Am I the only one who caught this proposal? In section 25 they’re asking the company to call back all drivers by 9pm and no one can be disciplined for missed pieces. EVEN in peak! Could this be the section that causes the strike? Or are they trolling?
  10. B

    UPS INNOVATIONS The new surepost?

    Anyone else seeing these on their routes? I see 5-10 on my route everyday.
  11. Catatonic

    Southern UPSers Laughing at Northern UPSers Driving in the Snow

    Winter storm hits New York City with up to 13 inches of snow; over 2,000 flights suspended More than 11 inches coated the Bronx and Brooklyn, while Rego Park in Queens received 13 inches, and 10 inches fell in Staten Island’s Great Kills. On Long Island, where the whirling snow reduced...
  12. BigUnionGuy

    UPS and Waco Texas

    UPS Driver Who Delivered Guns and Ammo to David Koresh Before Fatal Waco Standoff Breaks His Silence
  13. B

    How do these irregs pass through?

    How do we get pieces of farm equipment or propellers and fireplaces that weigh 150-200lbs but have 49 or 69 lb stickers? Why does management and safety ignore it and refuse to weigh? These things seem to pop up occasionally but peak has been ridiculous. I can easily do 200lbs myself but what's...
  14. The Driver

    NDA and savers relaxed commit time (1800)?

    Is this company wide? This was me today:
  15. ThaBlakesta

    Pilots quit?

    Our Boss who usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about said 200 UPS pilots quit has anyone else heard this?
  16. Bubblehead

    At What Point....?

    ....does UPS say "uncle"? When will this company tell the truth; that we can't maintain an infrastructure, fleet, and the staffing necessary to accommodate the ever increasing influx of volume for essentially 2 months of the year? How much longer will the Union allow a bunch of pencil neck...
  17. BlackCat

    I Was talking to a couple of FedEx drivers today..

    ran into a couple of FedEx drivers in the grocery store a few hours ago. I asked them how they were doing delivery wise, the usual small talk. Those guys said they were backed up as well. They said they are not sure that they will be able to dig out of it themselves. The interesting tidbit is...
  18. Wally

    Amazon driver dropped a load!

    Yuk! Video Shows Woman Who Delivered Amazon Package Pooping In Front Of Sacramento Home
  19. BrownSyndrome

    Hey neasayers, what are the solutions, huh? let's hear 'em

    [SERIOUS QUESTION] what is something that could be done in your hub to make UPS function more logically and efficiently?
  20. K

    Dealing with a beeping super jerk!

    I'm not a UPS driver; just a homeowner. Please help me. A couple of nights ago, I was sitting on my balcony after putting my baby to bed. It was dark, and I noticed a large truck pull up in front of my house. A guy got out and approached my front door. His truck was beeping... loudly...