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I believe this service offering has been around for 12-15 years. I remember back when we had very few Surepost packages but we would deliver 8 trays of mail to a post office every 3 months. The first time I loaded the trays on their cart the postmaster thought it was a joke. He told me the trays were sorted by carrier and in their delivery order the next time I delivered them.


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I believe MI is a service where the customer fills up large bags full of parcels, seals them, and those get taken to a particular p.o.. P.o. then opens, and delivers them. Usually the bags are yellowish in color.


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UPS Mail Innovations shipments are first picked up at our fulfillment center byUPS. The package is then handed off to your local USPS hub where they sort and process the package. The USPS will then deliver the package directly to your shipping address, or to your P.O. Box (if available).

It's slow, the slowest and cheapest level of service. One of our large shipper uses it. We pick up about 40K a day ground/air and they ship about 10K thru MI. During peak about 120K a day and 15 to 20k thru MI.

It's been around for years.