1. posk96

    driver starting wage

    I was a seasonal driver this past peak season in los angeles ca and wage was 18.75 then i was hired as a permanent driver i was sent to integrad and i passed now i wonder how much ima going to start an hour as a permanet driver or im keeping the same 18.75 i dont feel confortable tu ask the...
  2. N

    7 months Bid Air Driver/RTD Peak Season ???

    Started about 8 months ago....Air driving til Peak season came around Late Oct. Done ground til Mid Jan. Air Driver pay $13.50 and RTD during peak was $24.22.....Going full time Package Car Driver in 2 weeks....Question is will my pay go down? Will I still have to qualify? I know the Sup is...
  3. M

    When does free period end?

    When does free period end? Our center is still using all drivers to run full routes. Do drivers that work after free period get peak days counted if they’re still driving? Or at least the days leading up to peak? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Saturday Ground

    Every route had 260+ stops with commercials. 2 of our drivers had 8hr days. 5 call ins. Personally can’t wait to see how many missed we can bring back lol
  5. F

    The ship is sinking.... how many missed?

    Today was the worst day I seen in my career. Had to have been 1000 at the minimum missed in my center before the drivers even hit 14hr curfew just from lib. Tons of drivers all pulling in right at 14hr with more missed. I'm curious of our centers grand total today. I hit 14... brought back...
  6. The Driver

    Where does the buck stop?

    Who is responsible for the dismal failures we've seen so far this peak season? What could be done to fix it? Is there any fixing it?
  7. B

    seasonal bonus/jury duty

    Long story short I am currently working as a seasonal delivery driver helper. The position entails a $200 weekly and $500 seasonal attendance bonus. I just received a notice for jury duty which would be during peak season when I would most likely be called. I am working on deferring my jury duty...
  8. B


    I was wondering if management does not care for a person for personal reasons what are some loop holes that they can use to get him fired even though he comes in on time and does his job?
  9. R

    After holidays

    Who makes the decision on who to keep/hire after holidays are over and how do they decide? I was told last year they kept 54 people after season was over.
  10. O

    Friend won box suite seats to Pro Basketball game during the start of peak-can they go?

    I have a friend who won box suite seats to our local pro basketball team game. Friend that want to go with claims that if they go - they would get in trouble with the company. Person who won the tickets states-how often in life are you going to win seats like this? If mangement had them -...
  11. 35years

    UPS CEO: Thanks to automation, we're shipping more packages with the same number of people

    Link: UPS CEO: Thanks to automation, we're shipping more packages with the same number of people "The upcoming holiday period is shaping up to be another record-breaking shipping season. In fact, United Parcel Service (UPS) forecasts 750 million packages will be delivered between Black Friday...
  12. S

    Still peak?

    Does ups normally still hire peak season PTsrs past January 15th 2017? Applying for a PH job and the acknowledgment is stating the position is only until or before January 31st 2018.
  13. soberups

    5 Commandments for using a helper (On Topic)

    #1--Thou shalt make safety thy first concern. On day 1, I always give my helper a 5 min lecture on staying safe. That means NO RUNNING, PERIOD. That means 100% use of the handrail when entering or exiting, no exceptions. That means that, if I screw up and start the engine before they have the...