3 and a Half hour guarantee question..


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I work on a local sort that spans for about an hour and 50 mins. As local sorters, after our shift we usually complete the car wash and then go home...

Now on average, with sort work, fueling and washing, security check, etc. if we bust our ass we can complete the job in 3 hours...

We also usually completed our job, asked our supervisor if we could take a pay actual, and then go home...Obviously this job dosen't pay the bills, so we'd rather get some rest before our second job...

Our supervisor will allow anyone the option to complete 3 and a half hours of work...Yet our stewart stepped in recently and said that we MUST complete all 3 and a half hours...that we couldn't request less then our 3 and a half hour guarantee...Is this true?

I thought this guarantee just gave me the right to work at least 3 and a half hours any day I clock in for work....Not that I was binded by it..


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It does, but you CAN leave before 3.5 hours if you agree and your job is finished. I made another post about lawyers on a different issue, and it applies here. If too many people are waiving their guarantee, it opens the door to changing the language in the contract that's currently under negotiation. Your steward is trying to ensure that the rights your union has bargained for aren't lost through setting too much of a precedent for waiving the guarantee.