80 and out for Management

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by browncow, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. browncow

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    The rumor mill has been working the 80 and out possibility again. I also heard a one time buy out story recently. Anyone else hear anything about this lately? [​IMG]
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    You guys are worse than Feeder Drivers!

    Oh that's right, many of you were Feeder Drivers.
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    It must be FALL...time to get rid of the dead wood and leaves. these rumors surface from time to time. I think UPS had a bad experience with the last ERO/VSP. The wrong people left, the dead wood stayed. I think with the district/region consolidations you may see something, but what it will be I can't tell. All I know is that looking at long term directions and growth opportunities we need all the competent help we can get. I think UPS has shown if we can't get it internally we will go an acquire it.

    Go UPS!
    P71 [​IMG]
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    First time I heard that rumor was in 1968!!! It popped up from time to time through the day I "retired early" in 1990. Old rumors never die. By the way, I had 28 total then. If I were still with big brown I would have 96 now and would still be waiting. Please don't hold your breath.
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    No need to get offensive. However true your statement may be, we still have feelings.
    Lets get this economy off the mat.
  6. Yes Brown cow I have heard UPS is going to offer a buy out after peak for managers I have been told this from many of our sups.
  7. peacock71

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    If the economy doesn't pick up UPS will certainly find a way to do some 'rightsizing.' But we will not give up our best talent. Should be interesting to see how it gets done, if done at all.

    Go UPS!
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    The last time we lost some very talented people---who are now working for some of our competitors!! I would hope that we try to control it this time and not lose any of our key Technology and Business Development people.

    It is a cost-effective move on the company's part but the trade off is losing the experience!

    Anyone got a pool going to see when and if......
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    I was justing kidding. Around my little part of the UPS world even the Feeder Drivers kid around about this and to their credit many times their rumor mill has it right. Sorry if you felt insulted but no insult was intended on my part.


    BTW: As for getting the economy off the mat I totally agree and over the last few weeks we've had several nights where the volume surprised us to the high side. Sure looks positive!

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    I too was kidding, you know how sensitive we Feeder folks can be.
    Please keep the shots coming.
    Up with freight.

  11. happy

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    Hopefully it's a buy out for all and not 80 and out. I think that there would be a "rush for the door". Any management person I talk with hates their job and it has really gotten worse in the last 2 years. The company knows this and really doesn't care. They just figure they will replace them. The companies goal is to get a much out of a person and move on to he next. They don't want to pay retirement.
  12. peacock71

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    UPS needs all the top talent we can get. The logistics business can be an 'all hand on deck' opportunity.

    Go UPS!
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    You're not talking to me. I like my job, the people I work with/for and enjoy the challenge of making the company better.

    And guess what....the people I talk with (yes, management) don't hate their job either.

    Go peddle your negativism elsewhere....
  14. proups

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    80 and out......won't happen.[​IMG]
  15. tieguy

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    I know what you mean. I was actually surprised at the number of positive comments delivered by management via the anonymous ERI.
  16. over9five

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    Most drivers (I know, we're a suspicious bunch) dont believe the ERI is anonymous. All management would have to do is write down who was using which terminal at what time.

    Just what Ive heard, I dont suscribe to it, but it raises doubt as to the accuracy of the ERI results.
  17. proups

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    The ERI is not annonymous? Baloney. Think about it...you went up to a computer, probably already logged on with a supervisor's ID and password, and took the survey. I don't know about your survey, but there was nothing in there that identified me personally. It was web based, so the only tracking that took place would be to the sups ID.

    Do you really think that sups have time to track who took the survey at which time? [​IMG] Too funny!
  18. yonnko

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    What exactly does "80 and Out" mean? I'm new at UPS and I am not familiar with it
  19. markbell

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    <font color="0000ff">What exactly does "80 and Out" mean? I'm new at UPS and I am not familiar with it</font>}

    In this case it has to do with age plus years of service. So if you are 50 years old with 30 years of service (50+30 = 80), you get to retire with full benefits. Or you could be 60 with 20 years of service or 55 with 25, etc.
  20. tieguy

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    I wish I could see who said what but its physically impossible even at district level. All survey info is automatically fed through the server to corporate where its compiled.