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    to the express benefit/ins site. I would like to opt-out ASAP w/ the new changes coming! Covered by by wife's policy so I no longer need double coverage. New plan is going kill a lot of folks... Thanks 4 nothing Fred
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    If you are referring to opting out of 2014 benefit coverage, you will have the opportunity during open enrollment in late October to completely opt out. I do believe that you will have to provide 'proof' of your other insurance coverage to do this.

    For 2013, you'd have to have a qualifying 'life event' to opt out of current insurance coverage.
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    I opted out 2 years ago and went with wifes. What are you worried about? Just stay out of the hospital, dont break a bone..or ..anythinggg, and you wont be out 4,400. Geezz

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    No problem. I think there's going to be a lot of us thinking of dropping coverage this year especially when the state exchanges open up.
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    No fighting please, welcome to OBAMACARE....Tried to tell you....

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    Sorry to bust your bubble, but thanks to Obamacare there will now be more reasonable choices and subsidies for millions through our exchange in California.
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    Fedex's financial statements from the last few years show the smallest increase in benefit costs last year compared to others.
    ‚ÄčThis is just a plain and simple way to extract more money from us and to put it in the shareholders pocket.
    Fedex's medical costs didn't drastically increase, it's targeting of more senior employees has though with this.
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    Good Luck with that....We will see....We are on the same team when it comes to Fedex, but not with respect your opinion, but do no accept Obama as our president....JMO...
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    You're will literally kill people. That speaks volumes about the way Fred Smith and FedEx operate. They want people to work sick, and not receive treatment, because it will add to the bottom line. If someone doesn't get checked-out and it's serious, and then they die, well it's "on them" because they chose not to go to the doctor. And I do see that happening. Fred is like the Honey Badger...he don't care.
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    Fred's running of this company is more and more true to the spirit of Adolf Hitler everyday.