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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownmonster, Mar 11, 2007.

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    To cast all doubt aside about wasted pension money and corruption, here's my challenge. Just give me the negotiated employer contribution each week to put in my 401K and then I'll know I'm getting 100% of the money UPS pays in. If the APWA agrees to this then we'll know they are acting in the best interest of the UPS employees
  2. wyobill

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    That sounds like a winner to me. Id even take it in company stock. ( With that discount of course). Except my 25 is in Sept and Im leaving next year. Guess Ill have to be happy with my Central States pension Check. Ill start my diet then.. LOL
  3. Hangingon

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    I thought CS did away with 25 and out?
  4. wyobill

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    I have 20.5 yrs grandfathered
  5. satellitedriver

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    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Please email APWA with your suggestion. Nothing is set in stone and all opinions and suggestions seem to be welcomed at APWA.
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    Not yet.
    You have to be 55 yrs old with 25 yrs service. They deduct 6% from your pension every year you are under 62 yrs old. They will provide no medical coverage at any cost until you are 57 yrs old. You are limited to working only 80 hrs a month for extra income at any job until you reach the age of 65 yrs old. You must get approval from CS to work anywhere,if not, they will cut off your pension until you reach 65.
    At least, that is the way in my coverage with CS.
  7. satellitedriver

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    Good Luck and Godspeed to you. Rice and beans will keep you alive and they taste great.!!!!