Are you proud to work at FedEx?

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    Haven't been able to say that for years now. I won't even wear my uniform out in public any more. I keep a change of clothes in my locker in case I have to go anywhere straight from work. I remember a time when I was proud to wear the purple and orange and enjoyed telling people about the company I worked for. We've all had conversations with people who see the uniform and believe the myth of what a great job FedEx is. I use to brag about this place and feel lucky when someone would ask " are y'all hiring" or "how do I get a job at FedEx" now I try not to laugh and then tell em don't waste your time it's not what you think.


    I told the ground guy on my route to avoid this steaming pile of horse crap like the plague and go to UPS.
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    I told the hd driver in my area the same thing when he inquired about express, better off there part time and deliver pizza, wait tables, etc than try and switch opcos. Wish I was 20 yrs younger I be applying there myself.
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    That's sad to hear.

    I start at my local hub soon and everyone I've told (family and friends) all say "Wow! Really?! I've heard that's a great company and place to work!" Then I come here and browse around to only see that the UPS section and FedEx sections are like night and day. UPS is, for the most part, positive feedback but I see little to NO positive feedback on the FedEx discussions, really kind of disheartening to tell you the truth. (And yes, I know this is a UPS forum essentially but it's all I can find for FedEx discussion)

    Yesterday was my last day as a vendor at a beverage company (delivering pallets of drinks all day to grocery stores and stocking c-store shelves myself) and the branch itself is shutting down soon anyways. I've never seen a more poorly managed place to work than this place, truly ran by the seat of your pants day in and day out. The best thing I found to do is just punch in, shut up, do my work, punch out and go home and just let the BS slide past. I can't imagine a more poorly run operation than where I'm coming from. Our company was the laughing stock at every backdoor receiving area, it was a joke! I always did my job well though and most everybody liked me, I'm pretty easy to get along with, there are always a-holes out there though that you will never please.

    Every other stop for the past few weeks a manager or clerk would ask me "so where are you going when they shut down?" I'd tell them, "I'm going to drive for FedEx" and never heard a negative word come out of their mouth, and trust me some of these people were loudmouths that would talk crap about other vendors, etc, lol. So that made me feel a little better, they seemed even EXCITED that I was going somewhere better as the words "FedEx" came out of my mouth their eyes would widen like "WoW, Really?!".

    So anyways, regardless of what I read online (because you know everything you read online is TRUE right? lol), I'm going to go in with a positive attitude as always, be friendly, do my job the best I can and see what comes of it. Yeah, maybe in 6 months to a year I'll be on here moaning and groaning with the rest of you, but maybe it will just be from my aching back, haha.

    Sorry to hear you've lost the Pride to work there OP. For the first 4 or 5 months I worked at my last job I felt that Pride also only to see that it was a joke.
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    Yep. I don't want to be identified in any way with this company in my off-hours.
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    Get back to us after your first few weeks. You might have an epiphany.
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    Will do! =)
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    Fed ex is an image company and have done a phenomenal job protecting there image. Ask a current driver or better yet their spouse about this place and you'll get a far different answer. This isn't the same company me and my co workers helped build into world recognized brand eventually it will crash and burn I believe(express) Good luck to you but I would strongly recommend you realize you haven't arrived anywhere buy getting hired at FedEx. I recently learned of 2 drivers at my station w over 5 yrs in who aren't even makin a dollar more than when they were hired. With hours reductions, annual healthcare increases and general cost of living expenses rising each year, and few if any pay increases you may find yourself going backwards in your career path
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    I'm proud to wear the uniform at Ground. And I'm not shy to wear my uniform after a day of work straight to the casino, tattoo parlor or car title loan place. I'm even taking my first saturday shift at Home Delivery to show off tonight's new tat as I drive around blasting Skynard

    *edit* I'm going to listen to Van Halen instead. 5150!
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    Well, ya know what, if Express "crashes and burns" as you say, UPS is a block away. Both are within a mile of me.

    Of course, that's if and when they are hiring anyone.

    And LMAO @ Code 82! Good stuff.
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    Blasting Skynard? Ha..In 78 I was taking a nap listening to skynard in between 2 a day football practices. I'm embarrassed to admit to friends that i'm still driving.
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    Well, the good news is if Express should "crash and burn" as you put it, then UPS is a block away. Both are within a mile of where I live.

    That's if and when they are hiring.

    I LoL'd, hahaha. Good stuff
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    yes, that's merely a throwback to a bygone era... a couple of decades ago we would have whistled you a much more upbeat tune, but sadly that is no longer the case...Unfortunately FedEx has done a masterful job of keeping that image alive. The sad truth is it has become a real hole of a place and few things irk me more these days than to hear people (upon learning where I work) tell me what a great company I work for. It just royally pisses me off.

    Yes, there used to be a great deal of pride in being a part of Federal Express - note I said Federal Express - the long slow downslide seemed to begin shortly after the brand change, which occurred back in 1994, and started accelerating dramatically in the past 10 years or so. Believe me when I say this - FedEx is not Federal Express. I have fond memories of that outfit. They actually seemed to care about their people. It almost feels like someone killed that company and put an imposter in its place. Sad but true.

    I'm sorry we can't give you a cheerful "welcome aboard!", but it just isn't there. Just take the 'JOB' for what it is and keep your eyes and ears open for something else.

    Good luck
  14. hypo hanna

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    FedEx has been living off the laurels of Federal Express since it started.

    Sorry we can't be more positive but many of us don't want to see others fall for the same lies we did. I sincerely hope its better for you but history says that's not likely.
  15. Goldilocks

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    Very nice. This is how those of us who worked for Federal Express feel. Now we all work for the monster FedEx, not the same company at all.....
  16. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    I agree with all the negative comments.

    Sure, UPS drivers take a morale beating everyday too, but they are well compensated.

    Don't pay any attention to "top" pay because there is no path to get there.
    What you make now is basically what you can expect to be making in 15 years, with marginal raises that don't even occur yearly.
    No one will make it 15 years these days anyway.
  17. bbsam

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    Alot of people would stay 15 years. Even at $17 an hour I could see families staying for a second income. There aren't alot of blue collar jobs out there today for high school gtadduates that are going to pay a single income family enough to live comfortably middle class.
  18. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    I meant they would get fired by that point.
  19. MrFedEx

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    As an enabler of the "New Normal", I'm sure you're OK with this because it's a tacit rationalization of what you do at Ground...underpay people for work that is worth more.
  20. bbsam

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    I guess so. I am neither thrilled with it nor an activist against it.

    And you? Is your unwillingness or inability to change it tacit admission that it is the new normal and probably will be for quite some time? Or do you have a new scheme to rock the corporate world?