Back Pay to Date of Ratification?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Superteeth2478, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Superteeth2478

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    Hello everyone. So I heard something odd today that didn't make any sense, so I'm asking here to see if anyone knows for certain.

    So apparently a business agent is saying that if the master agreement is voted down and we presumably get a better raise (and of course once the contract with the improved provisions is ratified) it won't be backpaid to August 1st. Instead, it'll be backpaid to the date of ratification, which could be months from now.

    It sounds like something someone would say to scare people into voting yes. But then again I don't have any past contracts to go off of where it the master agreement was voted down on the first round, so I can't know for certain. Does anyone know if it's the case that if the master agreement is voted down that the raises are not backpaid?

    I feel like the answer is obvious, but I'm asking anyways. There's just no way this would make sense, so I'm guessing and hoping the answer is no.
  2. Time for change

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    That’s bologna, the only thing the yes vote crowd has going is scare tactics.
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  3. Skooney

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    If you’re BA told you that, it’s time to get rid of him.
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  4. Superteeth2478

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    Sounds about right. Hoping someone like Bubblehead or BUG can chime in here.
  5. Tiredbrown

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    Your BA is lying to you. Whenever we get a new contract voted in it will be retroactive to August 1st because that is when the old contract expires. It's just a cheap scare tactic to get you to vote yes.
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  6. brown_trousers

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    historically, they have made contracts retroactive. but they dont have to. whatever our negotiators agree to, is what it is.

    we have strong negotiators though right? they wouldn't sell us short on this contract. nothing to worry about
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    That beard tho!
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    Wanna talk shop, get out of the shop and in the park lot.
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    I think the last time that picture was used, it was pointed out that they had just lost one of their co-workers to an auto accident.

    May want to reconsider using it.