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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scratch, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. scratch

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    Yesterday, the first batch of ballots were picked up at the Post Office. So far, it is reported that 82,000 were mailed in, roughly less than half of the number of UPS Teamsters. The deadline for some Ohio and Louisville Locals was extended a couple of days due to a mailing error. We should know in a few days if this Contract passed or failed.
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  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I wonder how many people didnt get to vote because their ballots were never sent. I also wonder how many votes were lost due to people not caring. I think it would do even the most ant-union employee good to join just be able to vote.
  3. 705red

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    Scratch how many ballots did you receive? National, riders etc? If everyone had two votes thats onlt 41,000 upsers that have voted.
  4. scratch

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    I got one ballot for the National and one for the Supplemental. They were mailed back in the same envelope. A big effort was made by my Local and UPS to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to vote. I think that it is ridiculous that people can't take the time to open an envelope, make two Xs, seal it, and drop it in the mailbox. There is no excuse for not voting, although I am not surprised by these early numbers. I think the official count is supposed to take a week, hopefully we will know sooner.
  5. Cole

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    Probably because no votes go down a chute to the shredder. jk
    No exscuse in anyone not voting imo
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    Scratch congrats on busting the 10,000 reps! I have been to several elections and the rough estimate is usually done by the weight to get the estimated ballot count. Now i guess my question is are they counting each enevelope at 1 ballot or 2? I read on it should be completed nt the 20th at worst the 21st.
  7. scratch

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    You brought up a good point. Some people may have had to mail in two different envelopes for the Master and Supplements. In my case, (Central States), we were mailed one envelope with both ballots, and that is how they were returned. My info above came from the TDU site and my Locals website. I noticed the photo used in the Make UPS Deliver email has my Local 728 members signing a banner. Whether you like TDU or not, they have provided the only up to date information regarding contract negotiations. I will tip my hat to them for that.

    Regarding Rep Points? I think that was due to a few sympathy votes from some other high rep members. The Rep System to me is kind of a popularity contest. Its a complicated system that the Brown Cafe Staff is not exactly sure of. It depends on a lot of different factors. You can be a fairly new member and make a few good posts that will knock that score up there fast depending on who votes on you. Its an interesting feature to me, although I don't put a lot of worry into it. As a Moderator, I know that a few people are not going to like what I have to do sometimes. I don't mind if people disagree with me, thats what Discussion Boards are about. Cheryl only wants us to keep our discussions somewhat clean and civil.
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    They mailed three ballots to my house. Think they counted all three when I mailed them back in? :happy-very:
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    So, you cheated on purpose?
    You can count, by your own admission, so you think by cheating, you can blame them for a faulty election.
    Errors occur, you are compounding them.
    Next you will ask for a recount because your chad was dimpled or dangling.
  10. satellitedriver

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  11. PT Stewie

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    How about this---some sups were walking around the building and asking u members how they voted.I have no problem with management encouraging people to vote, but it is totally inapropriate to ask which way they voted. I instructed anyone who asked me how to answer to politley state that it was private i.e. "none of their bussiness" .

  12. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Actually, my BA said it wouldn't hurt to mail them all back. I'm covered in case the Post Office loses one.
  13. sawdusttv

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    I was asked and I told them. Well, it was a hard decision because they only had yes and no, on the ballot and I wanted to vote ":censored2: NO", they looked shocked and walked off.
  14. movelikemolasses

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    i wanna know we win >_<
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    I think it's gonna pass.