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  1. I work in small sort, and have since October. I am currently working the primary, on the brown. I haven't done any other position so far, except pre-load slide for one day. The trainer spent all of 3 minutes with me so that just didn't work out. Basically I'm just looking for a vast range of tips on how to preform my job better.

    Speed, accuracy, how to handle the sups and managers appropriately. Obviously most of it is common sense, so please don't remind of me of this fact. I basically want to do my job to the best of my abilities.

    I'm just looking for the little tips and tricks people come to learn with time and experience. The things your trainers and sups don't seem to tell you about, like clipping the scanners so they don't spin, using the URC codes on certain rows, bagging 8 packages at a time when there's heavy flow instead of clearing out a bin, etc. I'm sure it's not like this at every location of every hub, but my sups pretty much just left me with the basics and I picked up on things or was told things from other workers.

    Speed is a big one for me, I work hard all throughout my shift but I'm just not as quick as other people. Eventually I would like to sort, but surely I need to get my speed up first.
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    Don't mind me asking; why do you care?
  3. Why shouldn't I care?
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    You will learn the most not from your supervisor but from your co-workers. Pay attention to them and you will probably do just fine. Bagging is a pretty easy job. There isn't much to it and you will more than likely catch on very quickly.
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    You're in the wrong field of work with this attitude; PS answering a question with a question isn't very helpful.
  6. Well let's see, this is a forum, not my place of work. My response to you in no way reflects my attitude with anyone else. I already explained I wanted to do my job to the best of my abilities, so how am I supposed to respond to your question? What are you asking me? What kind of detail did you expect me to go into?

    I wasn't just referring to small sort bagging, I mean UPS overall. I was just using small sort examples. I have learned that my fellow employees tend to teach me more than anyone else. I don't plan on being a bagger forever at this place, but I do enjoy working for UPS. I want to improve in my area now so I can be considered a valuable employee. I would like to learn more overall about the ins and outs of this company. I don't know how it is for you, but at my hub the happiest workers are the ones who have done their jobs the best and get the most respect. I have just noticed there aren't many informative people in my area. Obviously I'm willing to put the time in to learn this and that on my own, like I said I was just looking to read some tips and tricks people have picked up along the way.

    Anyways, UPS and I already have a love hate relationship, I'm interested in the little things people do to make their jobs easier, more enjoyable. and more productive. Not even necessarily only for my own benefit.
  7. By the way, if answering one question with another isn't helpful, what good have you done when it comes to the one I originally posted? I don't see the difference.
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    We all started out as a new person and we look to the experienced workers to show us the ropes. You are new and will learn the best way for YOU. You will find your pace and comfort level in time. Management will take that into their rating of your work efforts. Good Luck and keep plugging.
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    Work on being smooth and accurate and speed will follow.
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    Maybe he takes pride in his job and his performance, and wants to do the best job he can. Maybe he has ambition.
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    She, sorry. But yes, thank you very much for understanding.

    I got tired of waiting for my other posts to be approved, or whatever the administrators do. So, I registered and here I am! Let's just say I think you're slightly hypocritical idolesswork.

    And yea, like I said in my original post I want to do my job to the best of my abilities. Hopefully when they approve my posts you'll see me ramble about that some more.

    Just wondering what people all over UPS do to make their jobs easier (as in, why do something the difficult way and mess up, not looking for an easy way out):wink2:, more enjoyable, more productive.
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    Listen to the co-workers that actually "work".

    Worry about yourself and not others....


    I have a radio near me, so I sing to myself, as well as the other people around me. :P
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    Alcohol helps, along with screaming.

    Everyone starts out wanting to do their best and be noticed. Yet ups is not a fine workplace, its noisy, dirty, can cause muscle pains, and the people in charge are usually the laziest ones. As you should know from the three minutes of training you got.
    Watch those around you for knowledge. Learn from them. Spend some time getting to know the workload system. There are many different jobs within ups, not all pay well. But some are better than others.
    Look around your building , find where notices are posted , get onto . Learn more about the company.
    Do not prejudge some of the other posters here. They can appear to be mean or even uncaring, because you remind them of their past selves.
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    Oh I think those are all things I've learned rather quickly, coming home, blowing chunks of dust out of my nose and wanting to have a few shots already. I'm not necessarily looking to make a name for myself, like I said UPS and I already have a love hate relationship. Just want to adapt well and do my best as it is, instead of settling into the attitude some of the older employees have far too soon. I don't care to be noticed above all other people, but when I am noticed I want it to be for the right things. Some people are just more useful and respected than others.

    Thanks ;) is a decent site, I visit it regularly. I guess I got lucky when they introduced us to it in cornerstone, apparently a lot of people where I am were never told about it.

    As for prejudging people here. Eh, if I'm not judged (attitude, workwise, or anything else) based one one post, or one response, I'm not going to judge in return. I have no predisposed ideas on anyone here, uncaring or not, I know plenty of people who have worked at UPS for years. I know where that attitude comes from.
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    By the way...the radio comment (lol) reminded me... I regularly see people with MP3 players. But as far as I know it's against company policy, code, or however they choose to word it to bring these kinds of things in, no?

    I'm guessing it's just the sups giving slack the way they often do with cell phones. I sure could use a radio by my area though, it might drown out some of the yelling.
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    Take Yoga!

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    You sound almost like me.. I just do what I have to do to get the S*** done.. I kept the same speed I had during peak and that got me moved to a belt loading two trucks... that also got me a nice letter saying what a amazing job I did with only one misroute for the month of January.

    The sucky part however is I have to split and load two trucks and I always get the heaviest items on the whole belt.
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    Ill Bag You,

    Keep the work ethic that you have today, communicate effectively between your co workers and management and you will continue to grow at UPS.

    Experience in your job will enhance your job performance. Follow the methods and work safely. If there are other postions available in your job classification, ask your sup for some cross training in other jobs on your shift. It may give you an opportunity to do something different and cover for absences.

    One last thought, manage your love/hate relationship with UPS effectively. Stand up for yourself when you know you are right, and accept any constructive criticism you may receive. That in itself says a lot about a person.
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    2 trucks? most people do 4-5