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    I thought the contract passed and it was time to move on? What exactly happened? Did one part of the contract pass and another part needs to be renegotiated? Forgive me for not following it correctly I'm just confused.
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    Click on threads in the union forum, many of them pertain to your question.
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    It's all my fault. It all started when I voted Obama in. It's all my fault.
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    Admitting u have a problem is the first step.
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    I've already done it but its still my fault.
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    Come on guys, serious answers only! No hijacking!... Hey, how bout' those Mets!
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    The contract did pass; however, 17 of the supplements, which deal with issues of a local nature which may or may not apply to other regions, were rejected. UPS and the Teamsters have agreed to extend the current NMA and supplements as they continue to work toward settling the supplements. If this work is not done by Aug. 1 any raises that we do receive would be paid retroactively.
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    NM passed. Now its just the fiddly bits left that could take months to clean up but effectively its time to move on and accept the situation.
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    These central states cry babies are in for a shock. Lets say you get the rest of the country to pay your bills with a new supplement. When Hoffa gets his bill passed in congress that will allow the Teamsters to cut already accrued pension benefits and even for those already retired you see what a real hair cut looks like.

    Keep spitting in the wind you revolutionaries.

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    Ok, you posted this at least 3 times. Let's see a source. You gotta have one, don't you? Well???
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    How does Central Region not wanting to give H&W to the same thieves make us the idiots? Letting the CS Teamsters use your h&w money to give concessions to failing companies in a multiemployer fund and agree to let them take future raises and pension contributions to achieve that goal is insane.

    It's completely true.
    Union-Employer Pension Proposal Would Hit Some Retirees -

    Pension-law proposal would hit some retirees - MarketWatch Same story if you can't view the WSJ article.

    But they'll soon be able to divert increases from other pension plans and divert it to Teamcare to keep them in the style they've become accustomed to.
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    Holy :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. I can't believe that. What I found almost funny enough to vomit was this quote "DeFrehn said cutting retiree benefits is the controversial proposal, but noted that lawmakers have said they don’t intend to bail out the pension plans. " from the MarketWatch article. So they can bail out the Banks but they can't help the retirees that retired expecting what they were told (and guaranteed by the US Gov't via the established laws) they would get when they retired. The example the gave was roughly a 66% cut.
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    Of course there will be no cuts to public employee pensions. Paid for by our tax dollars.
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    Nah, they'll cut those too so that the government officials can vote themselves more raises.
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    oh boy, let's not even get started on public employee retirement.
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    My understanding of how it works. the national is done and passed, But the 17 supplementals still need to get passed before they can put a nice bow on everything. You'll get you back wage of .70 per hour once it's all wrapped up. This by far from over. we have a divided union and this might take a bit.
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    A bit hazy on your reply here but once again CS H&W is not CS Pension. The H&W contribution level determines benefits so your claim that UPS H&W contributions will "give concessions to failing companies" is just flat out wrong. If a failing company makes insufficient or no contributions into an H&W plan that employers members benefits are reduced or suspended. It's a pay as you go proposition, not structured anything like pensions.

    Unless other Teamster contracts specify that wages can be diverted into Funds under certain conditions (as does the UPS TA), that practice would be illegal.
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    I wanted to follow-up on this comment and post the proposal from the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans for those that are interested. I just had to find it....

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