Cancel big ticket items , Vacations even Christmas !!!

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    Negotiatons have already started on our upcoming contract . No headway has been made in either direction other than the company's sucessful message to most of us that they do not intend on keeping business as usual for us . Healthcare , pensions , retiree healthcare , wages , harassment and simple issues like honoring seniorty are all being targeted by U.P.S.'s labor division . To humble yourself and presume all is well , and these issues are being discussed in our favor is insane . #1 , love or hate Obama and his visions with mandated healthcare for all has come back to haunt the Teamsters . We , and I use that term very carefully have put all our eggs in his basket just because We are supposed to as Teamsters . What was the first item the cmpany chose to throw a fastball on , that would be healthcare . They know that in the end they will get what they ask for . Oh yea we might get some mediocre wage increases , sme more 22.3 combo jobs , maybe even an entry level wage increase , but they will get their foot in the door on our healthcare , even if its a small foothold . Given the fact that in 2017 , when Obamacare will no longer be waivered for Teamsters , and will be fully treated as taxable income for us , why would they afford us premium healthcare ? . Wages , for starting positions at U.P.S. will see a slight increase , simply because with part-time employees being defaulted to Obamacare , the company will be saving money , money that can be diverted to the entry level wage , even if its a 1$ increase which sounds ggod to high school students . The reality is the company is off the hook for premium healthcare for new employees , one less benefit they will have to provide . All I am saying is if we as Teamsters have any unity left , any voice that can be heard by our votes within the rank and file , that we should stand and fight now . It wont be easy , it was not easy last time but if we give an inch they will take a mile . For those of you that think it will not happen , that the company and the union will iron our contract out with strong langauge that favors us , think again . Be prepared , save now and take the measures that need to be taken . Me , I am cancelling my vacations to the beach , my families weekend splurges on things that are unnecasary (movies, dining out etc. etc ) because in the end , even if we do get a contract in a timely manner , I want to be prepared for my familys sake . I was a part of the last strike , I didnt have a family at that time . Be responsible , be heard be pro-active and pay attention , think ahead . Its nobody elses fault for you not being unprepared .
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    Pay for those things in cash and live well below your means, you don't have to put your life on hold till August 1.
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    I needed underwear but ain't paying due to saving my cash. Commando until the contract.
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    I didn't need the excuse of the contract. hehehehe
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    some chaffing may occur
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    I better not wear my short shorts this summer.
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    a new record

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    Hmmmmm. What size shoes do you wear, big boy????? :winks:
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    Anyway....back to the thread....gorilla has some very good points. Although I personally am confident that we will have a ratified contract before Aug. 1st, it would be wise to hold off on any major purchases just to be on the safe side. You should also check with your creditors to see what their policies are regarding skipping payments during work stoppages.

    King of Chester posted a link to the union's proposed changes to the contract in the Union Issues forum. I urge everyone to take the time to click on the link and read the proposals. As with most contract negotiations, some of the proposals are "pie-in-the-sky", but the others appears to be sound.

    The economics have yet to be discussed and this is where it could get really interesting.
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    Why stop? Nothing like free balling.
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    My butt itches.
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    I got the fingers!
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    What the heck are you waiting for????? It's driving me nuts!!!!!

    Thread derailed, again. :winks:
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    If you only knew....

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    Obviously, both sides will go into negotiations asking for things they know they'll never get.

    In the end, they will compromise and both sides will feel they won. That's Negotiation 101

    I'll be debt-free by May 1st beside the mortgage, so I will have some extra money by August 1st in case the unthinkable happens.
    My gut says both sides won't stab each other in the back ! We need them as well as they need us. With the USPS finally restructuring, we need to keep our strong foothold in internet commerce or we all will DHL our way into a has-been !!!

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    Congrats on your road to debt freedom. We've been debt free for years now, and it's nice with a lot less stress. Especially years like this with a contract coming up. Young guys with the brand new big houses and brand new $35000 trucks in the parking lot are the ones I think man oh man, what are you thinking?
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    We have a few new drivers that just bought new benz and beamers....