Contract deal soon?

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  1. I was over on that site and apparently they're getting close to a deal? Has anyone else heard anything of this?

    If this is true (which I highly doubt), does this mean we vote on the early agreement or do we wait until the current contract expires? Its been floating around our hub too (apparently some of them do actually pay attention) so I've been curious.
  2. Cole

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    Haven't heard anything like that here.
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    The info I'm going to post has come from the following people. A retired district manager, current operations manager, current division manager, and the current president of my local. Expect an announcment on a new contract settlement sometime within the next 6 weeks. What it will be I have no idea. I do know that our local supplement is about finished. And the plan is to have all the locals done before announcing the national agreement. The operations manager I mentioned has been telling me since last fall that the contract would be settled by spring. Well spring is here. And around here it's sort of an open secret. If there is an announcment it won't be a surprise to us.
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    Interesting link.
    A year ahead of schedule?
    At least it gives a years grace, to see if UPSER's will go with the teamsters plan into our future.
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    I hear that a lot of the smaller stuff is done for the most part. I wonder if we are going to hear how this is the richest, and la tee da contract like last time. Remember that we hold the VETO! And there is no reason to freak out out or worry about a strike being as we have a year plus to send them both back to the table to fix it. I like the idea of starting negoatiations early so we can send them back to the table over and over. Remember that ONE YEAR after the richest, greatest contract ever, we had numerous cuts to our pension and health care. We also had our out of pocket costs increase left and right with our health care. This 6 YEAR contract has been 2 years too long already. Lets hear it for a 3 year contract.
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    where do you people get this absurd nonsense? Who is spreading this propaganda? Could it be the Teamsters who want you to believe this, in order to mislead its members not to join the APWA. Can they verify this? I doubt it very much. If they had an agreement in place, they would provide some details, but there are none. The pension is a mess, and the Teamsters will want UPS to make a larger contribution, but that is not going to happen, because under the new law signed by congress, (the red zone amendment) we can not receive an increase until the pension is 100% funded. As it stands now in Central States (47.2% funded), this means that even if UPS puts more money into the pot, we will still not get an increase, but still might take further cuts.
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    I seriousley doubt UPS has negotiated at this point anything close to a settlement, and if so, I doubt we would want to see what has been agreed to. I could be wrong of course, but they haven't ever had an agreement that abruptly that I remember.
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    Did I just read the words "nonsense", and "propaganda" from the one person who spews the most of that on this very forum?
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    Engineer, I think you better get ready for a shocker. If I would have been told this from just one side or the other I would have shrugged it off too. But I'm getting this from both UPS management and the president of the local. And I've been hearing this since last fall. What, both of them are just lying to me? For what purpose? And I'm sure not the only one it's been told to. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Neither side can afford a srtrike. The Teamsters need a healthy and competitive UPS. It's their cash cow.Trying to break the union and holding a gun to Hoffa's head makes no sense either. They need each other. And personally I expect a long term deal. UPS has alot invested in next summer's Olympics in China. The last thing they need is a contract hanging over their heads while they are on a worldwide stage. I can see big fanfare announcement right around founders day. Both sides standing there praising each other. "Peace in our time." (grin) Will it be good for the union members? Who knows? But I sure don't think it's "absurd nonsense". Again from what I've been told I'll be more surprised if it doesn't happen then if it does.
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    We shall see!
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    Go to the TDU website . They are saying hall announced that a contract settlement would be complete "soon". There is a link to the speech where he supposedly said this, but I didn''t see where he said that. But then again, I have been on the road all night.
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    By the way, there was an article in Barron's online 2 weeks ago , put out by a brokerage house that basically said Teamster UPS'ers will be giving concessions. Why ?? So the Teamsters can get free rein in Organizing the freight division. It was very interesting reading this. Never expected to hear we would give anything away, but it does make a whole lot of sense
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    One thing for sure after the last 2 contracts and elections get ready for 2 steps back in pension and healthcare instead of 1 step forward. But i bet the teamsters administration will get theirs !
  14. Cole

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    I will check TDU's site, and have no problem admitting if I am wrong. I sure can't imagine any great improvements though with a quickie settlement with little communication to the members, and if I am wrong there I'll again have no problem admitting it.

    They haven't even negotiated the economics end, yet the union is pretty much calling it a victory! What a shock!
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    I was told by a BA that the teamster have told the company if they do not have a deal done by the end of May that they will break off talks until next year. Yes, we would vote on the deal (if done) this summer sometime. We have already started to lose business with the contract coming to an end.
  16. krash

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    Now Bret, you know everything that APWA says is the gospel.

    Your right, we have the "VETO" power. But I haven't seen UPSers turn down a contract yet. Heck, you got those who are pimping for another Union who will scab if a strike is called.
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    The president of my local said the same thing. Time will tell.
  18. Cole

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    Our ba told us talks would cease if they weren't being productive by the end of May. Let's just hope it's not a sell out deal, because as Krash said, most anything might pass, but who knows.

    Is everything the Teamsters say "the Gospel"?
  19. krash

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    No, it isn't. But they have provided us a good living with perks to boot. Ask any customer on your route if they wanna switch pay and beni packages with you. Or tell them how bad we got it because of CS and see if they share the sentiments expressed on here. Many carry on like the Teamsters haven't done anything but collect due's. Now that is propaganda. Drudging up what the Teamsters had to do back in the day to win without consideration of the times. The Manager type post slamming the Teamsters every post. This isn't directed at you Cole, but to those on here who's only involvement in the Union is behind the computer posting anti-Teamster propaganda. Who probably don't know how get to there union hall. Haven't even read there contract are filed a grievance. But it's the nasty ol' Teamsters fault for not reading there mind and fixing the problem. Those who think the grass is greener on the other side.
  20. take it easy man, all I said is I saw it on a website that someone told me to check out and was wondering if anyone else had heard about it, I wasn't looking to start another APWA vs teamsters thread. Why does EVERY thread have to turn into this?

    I know about the pension problems, APWA and all that stuff, but clearly my topic had no mention of any of that. I have to admit your incessant trumpeting of the APWA is really turning me off to them. I am no die hard teamster, I believe they have mismanaged funds etc, but I don't want to talk about it on EVERY single thread that comes along.
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