Contract - What do you want and what would you give up for that?

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    I've been reading the "Would you take concessions" thread and it seems many of the posters replies would fit better in a thread titled - "What do you want and what would you give up for that?"
  2. menotyou

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    I want triple time automatically for over 9.5:-)wink:) I want harassment to be a fireable offense, at the unions request. I would give up two years of raises for this.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    I think there is some credibility to this suggestion. Make it happen automatically and the Operations Management will get dispatch under 9.5.

    And in good form, you said you would give up two years raises ... is that in retirement and health care contributions as well?
  4. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    That's a tough one. I have to go with my gut reaction- yes.
  5. 705red

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    I dont think we have to give up anything in order to get automatic triple time pay for violating 9.5 language. The language UPS agreed to was to help keep injury costs down also. I sit with labor all the time on 9.5 grievances and they are sick and tired of paying them out. Too much of the union and UPS labor time is spent on settling these cases. For christ sake we have managers in the center plus on car sups, hold them accountable and teh way to do that is automatic pay for anyone and everyone on the list.

    Part timers MUST have the starting wage raised and any part timer with UPS at the sgniing should also have their pay rate adjusted accordingly so they dont have new PT's making more than them.

    Stronger 22.3 language, NO 22.3 should be laid off if a part timer performs either one of their jobs. PERIOD!!!

    Any employee on W/C for longer than 1 year if there is a dispute between DR's (Theirs/IME/UPS), and or delay medical treatment by UPS/Liberty Mutual should recive their pension/medical benfits until they return to work or accept a settlement/leave UPS.

    Package car routes need a description explaining if that route would be a bustable route explained on it during the bidding process. No driver should have to bid a route only to have it busted out when UPS wants too.

    No employee of the union should be disciplined for anything that UPS allows their management to do, integrity, harassment, theft etc. This one is a stretch but I reaad in the United way thread where a manager is obviously stealing from UPS by heving his people bid more only to reduce it later. That in my mind especially if UPS is matching the original bid is theft!
  6. 804brown

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    I hope when Sandy wins she picks you to be in charge of members' demands!! Right on.
  7. Jones

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    At this point in my career I'm mainly concerned with making sure the pension fund remains stable and healthy.
  8. anonymous6

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    in light of the recent turmoil in the stock market, a job whould be just fine.
  9. krash

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    Uh, what?
    A job is just "fine" as long as your getting a livable wage, retirement and medical. Now if I was to solely satisfied with having a job then Mickey D's would be a job.
    I guess I would like to see as Red pointed out, PTers rate of pay be brought back up to top pay.
    Creation of FT jobs from the current PT ones by combining shifts where available. All the hubs have multiple shifts in which numerous FT jobs could be created
    Definitely stronger 9.5 language with a stiffer penalty because UPS only takes notice when it cost them dearly. Also, with all this technology there is no reason they cannot adjust routes to accommodate one's wish to be relieved of excessive OT.
    Stronger language on harassment and there ability to fire drivers by claiming everything falls under dishonesty.
    All runs that our at least 8 hours are to be mileage. Runs, not routes.
    Medical insurance options like management has. They have a choice of which carrier to go with. If CS had competition they may be a little more inclined to treat us better. I'm tired of going to a Doctor in there plan to only receive a bill because they won't pay for a host of things.
    Reasonably priced health insurance with prescription coverage upon retirement at the age of 50.
    The ability to roll over your option days to the following year.
    Do away with wage progression.

    Any how. These are just a few idea's. Some are important to me, others are suggestions. Now I can't think of anything I would be willing to give up except for maybe raises(for no more than the first 3 years of the contract) if it means PTers being brought up to top pay.
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  10. CRASH501

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    a real annuity, some real back end money. perhaps 3 cents per package delivered, into stock or 401k not actual cash!
  11. brown_trousers

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    I want flames painted on the side of my package car... and yes... Im willing to strike for it!
  12. UnsurePost

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    Air drivers should always get holiday 1.5x pay.
    T-S Air drivers should recieve an extra day off (floating?) when a Holiday falls on a Monday?
    Entire Article 40 needs a facelift, including 22.3 language.

    just for starters.

    I'd be willing to wage freeze for one year (Art 40 employees only) for an entire Art 40 overhaul to make it more in line with what every other hourly UPS'er gets.
  13. hubrat

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    A guarantee that all trucks will have a mounted fan.
    I would give up heat exhaustion and the fear that my fan will be snatched on some jerk's whim.
  14. #1angelfan

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    no more split raises!!!
  15. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    Power steering would be nice. I'd be willing to give up the degenerative disk in my neck for it.
  16. barnyard

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    I'd give up tendinitis in both shoulders for power steering.
  17. 728ups

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    I would give up full time raises for at least 3 years to bring the part time pay up to decent levels. I would give up raises for the other two years for increased,stronger language on Over 9.5, Harassment and Production. It irks me to no end that so much time,effort and conflict is spent over imaginary production standards.
  18. brown_trousers

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    Amen to that. I wish there were more decent human beings like you at UPS
  19. browned out

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    I would give up my holiday turkey, safe driving awards, years of serivice awards and full time employee college reimbursment for 30 more stops to be done in the same aloted time.
    Oh wait; my wish has already been granted.
  20. superballs63

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    And you guys say UPS isn't listening? They gave you what you wanted, and I'm sure they'll give you EVEN more