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    The only thing I know is that UPS spent a crap load of money on tech. If they have money for that they have money to pay us. I am not signing any contract with less than 1.50 hr pay raise each yr for the life of the contract. they spent billions on tracking us( not pkgs). I am not accepting 60, 70 cent pay raises anymore I was getting that 20 yrs ago. And if anyone does I dont get it. They treat us like crap, disrespectful and the union does garbage. they should all go to. its time for the members to take a stand. The union works for them remember they get a lot of money from ups, they dont want to piss them off.
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    I guess you will not sign then, because there is no way we are getting that. look around the country, we will not have support like we did in 1997. companys and unions around the country giving things up. It's not looking good. And about smashing your union does not help us, ups sees that and goes with it.

    If you think UPS pays us good money because they want to your crazy. If we had no union you would be paid $13.00 an hour, and no benefits. So stop the BULL:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Lets all stick together........ Don't let them divide us.

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    Its sad when the starting rate is about minimun wage in some states!
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    Everything you have is because of our union. You negotiated zero of our agreement. We have the best contracts out there. You say the union does garbage. You have the power to do something too you know. Blame blame blame. You sound like an ex wife.
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    This is what needs to be addressed in 2013. Bump the starting wage to $10/hr ($14-15/hr if the employees decliines health insurance).
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    Look around it is not good out there all the manufacturing jobs are gone,all the customer service jobs are gone ( call Dell or a like company with a tech problem see if you can understand the person who answers)how about construction jobs ? Housing market ? The IBEW has 1000+ people on the bench in Philly ,they negotiated a great contract but try cashing you check when there is no work.Yes we deserve respect but we have a good contract and a good union.
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    That is SO True Stewie.
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    LMAO!!!!! If you dislike the company and the union so much why the hell do you stay here? Quit now go work for Fed Ex making $21 an hour and write a check every month for your benefits. Roughly $1100 a month for a family of 4. Oh yea call the union and tell them you want to donate your pension you will get. Since you shouldn't take it when you retire.....
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    Yeah, I know, right.

    Who'da thunk this many drivers suffer from Narcolepsy?
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    So if it's a 5 year deal, you want top pay bumped to over $40 an hour? Just don't see that happening.
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    $40 an hour to get harassed by management day in and day out and never see your family? Sure. Why not.
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    Yawning is used by dogs to communicate. Seriously look it up. Just thought I would share !!!
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    You better wake up buy and smell the coffee. The harassment and disrespect you claim will stop when they see it goes in one ear and out the other. Then someone else will become the flavor of the month. As far as pay raises go, don't look for the farm. Right now we better focus on keeping what we have as far as pension and health benefits. I think you will see pay increases, but I think they will be modest like 35-50 cents an hour. If they are more than that, I think you will see them back loaded towards the end of the contract. This isn't the 80's anymore. My guess is that you haven't been a teamster very long.
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    If you think ups uses the post office and railway and scs a lot now, wait and see what happens if we get the raises you think we deserve. Ups will push that much harder to have packages moved by other means. The contract needs to be practical and fair for both sides.
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    If the 2 tier system is implemented, you will see your family a lot more. Send us out with 8hr, load up the lower tier employees. Then harass and ride the higher tier until they are churned out.
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    I have been a teamster for 20 yrs. Ups has profited more than almost every company out there. So yes I believe a big pay raise should be there. We get treated like crap, we dont see our families and most of us probably eat dinner at 10 pm. So maybe its time we wake up. And for those who said the union got us what we got. IT WASN'T THIS UNION. I worry about the new guys, I am out in 5 yrs. Union busting already started l. Last contract we gave up all our protective wording. guys are getting fired for production( never happened in the 20yrs I was here). And as long as ups is spending billions on tech(maybe some of you dont have telematics and the diad) I believe we should get good pay raises. I dont care what other companies get paid , I only care about this one
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    You can't get terminated for production. Fair days work for a fair days pay. The drivers in your building must have been doing something else (stealing time). Talk to your business agent or steward. There's more to this story.
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    I wonder if at either the local or national union level if harassment and technology will be near the top for negotiations..if we don't get decent raises...for whatever reason...these two points need to be addressed big time..imo.