Covid Again!


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Coughing in someone's direction wasn't an assault a few years ago;
Covid can cause ARDS which is unusual with a common cold/flu to the extent that it has occurred in the last 12 months;
Also, the hysteria surrounding Covid causes reactions (of everyone) to spike.
So no difference people are just paranoid


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I don’t know. The lung issues can be really bad. I know someone that needs a lung transplant (42 YO- Excellent health) and a lot of people complain about breathing issues with Covid, so I’d say there is a difference.
It’s a respiratory virus, so it’s just like every other respiratory virus dangerous to someone with lung issues.


What an idiot ^^^^^
What does Covid have to do with you voting to strike or not?
I think you need to prove you’ve got half a brain before they let you have a ballot
Why? Teamsters and UPS only require me to have quarter of a brain. Any good standing union worker knows you don’t use more than required 🤦‍♂️


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Did you know now that they have changed the definition of "vaccine", they now have one for RSV and want you to give it to your kids! Also it's not the flu shot anymore. They call it the flu vaccine. Control the language and you can control the people. Pro tip. You cannot vaccinate against respiratory viruses. You never could. Making different mouth noises doesn't change reality.