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  1. mittam

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    Talked with a customer the other day, he noticed I had the new logo on shirt and old one on my hat. He said (pointing to the hat) "I miss that company" and went on to say how he started his own business and solely uses UPS. Then he told me how different the company seems to be since it went public, it is his opinion that it is the ruination of a once great company. He asked if other customers feel the same way, I told him he was the first to say something like that to me. Has anyone else had a similar reply from customers?
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  2. VoiceOfReason

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    This is the universal response to change. For most people everything was "better then". I know this sounds silly but if this is the first time you heard it I would say the company is doing things right. You can't please everyone and if only one of your customers is complaining that means the vast majority are not.
  3. upsdawg

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    I have had customers tell me that we have changed. When we consolidated our Preferred Customer program and they could not speak to someone "Local"---who they may have already met and established a special repore with. The PCA 's are now consolidated in SLC and Miami and it is different---that doesn't mean it is not better.From a customer perspective----they can't speak to someone local---from a company perspective---someone is available form 7:00 a.m to 7:00 pm--so customer is getting better service.

    UPS is a different company--and is still changing and evolving into a 3rd party Logistics Company---no longer "Just" a small package company----need a building --want UPS to loan you the money--build it--staff it--buy your inventory as you ship it--repair your product and return it back to your customer------could we have said this 10 years ago??
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    ".....if only one of your customers is complaining that means the vast majority are not.".

    ....or it means the vast majority either:
    1) don't care
    2) don't know
    3) know it won't do any good
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  5. non-ard

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    Always peeing in everyone elses cheerios....... Doom and Gloom!
  6. VoiceOfReason

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    Well thats the flipside but people who are unhappy seem to be pretty vocal about it. This board is a great example.
  7. CTOTH

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    That's because this is the internet and it's easier to voice a strong opinion while hiding behind an alias.
    You don't know if I'm a fat naked biker or skinny IT nerd nor do you care since we're on the internet.
    On the street you probably wouldn't just go about arguing with a fat naked biker (mostly because his bits are exposed) as much as you would with a clothed IT nerd.
  8. 30andout

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    When they relooped my route I had a lot of unhappy businesses getting del late in the day, they called UPS and were told sorry thats the way it is, we have a business to run too.:sad:
  9. SmithBarney

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    Just tell your late delivery businesses that UPS is working on technology
    to allow us to deliver everyones package first. But until they perfect it
    this is the way it'll be.
  10. retired2000

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    i use to like it when a company would move onto my route and it would be near the end of my run. they were use to getting a morning del. and would say to me why do we have to wait until 3pm to get our stuff. my answer would be that someone in their co. did not do their homework to find out what time i was in the area.
  11. over9five

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    "..working on technology
    to allow us to deliver everyones package first."

    That is beautiful! I am going to use that line a lot!
  12. scratch

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    PAS/EDD has really screwed my area also, even though I am mainly residential, my small commercial section gets delivered later. One of my commercial streets was given to another driver in the next loop, as a result, both of us get there about the same time. I pickup, he delivers. These two shippers get mad, they have called Corprate and nothing is done. One of these shippers production got set back a day because we deliver the parts he needs that day.

    If UPS really wanted to give better service, We need to go to an earlier start time, staggering it for different routes. I run EAM before my regular route, and FEDEX is starting to deliver air about one hour before most of our drivers start. I think the "DR" routes like mine should start earlier, and help deliver NDA off the Bulk Routes. Those guys could start later, so they would be out to make pickups later. JMHO
  13. mittam

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    Scratchking I like what you say about start times, we start at 8.50 in our center, puts a lot of pressure on extended country routes as well as big residential routes with a lot of NDA. We can't start earlier (so they say) because we have so many later trailers coming in. I have however talked to people on here that start at 8.10 in their center. What a difference that would be for us as drivers and our customers!
  14. 30andout

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    I once told a customer I tried to del everyone first, but after the 2nd stop I realized it couldn't be done.:wink:
  15. browniehound

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    Scratch, excellent post with excellent ideas. How does that make us look as a company when 1 driver is delivering a street while another is picking up at the same time? I can tell you its embarassing because I've experienced it
  16. over9five

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    One day 3 of us had a delivery for the same house. One had a next day, one a ground, and one a saver.

    Thanks EDD.
  17. toonertoo

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    That seems to be the standard answer, but here is the flipside. If we no longer care about our customers needs, because of OUR business, they can use any company. After all we are there to service their business, and they dont care how we do it. If we dont do it someone else will.
  18. mittam

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    Amen Tooner that's how I feel, it took me by surprise when a customer talked to me as he did ( original thread) but I am hearing from drivers at our center this is common that people feel that way . Most of our problem is Edd and all the routes relooped to where it is very hard to get all business off and still get to pickups
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    I have several customers that have the same outlook on UPS. It is not the same company it used to be. There focus is too tighlty fixed on making as much as you can in the short tem, rather than taking care of the companies image and being able to be profitable in the very long term. Then again, thats corporate America. The very few at the top, make most of the money, and all the decisions. No matter what repercussions it has on its employees and customers.
  20. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    So very sad but true.