Dear Customers: We Apologize for the Poor Service

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    Dear FedEx Express Customer,

    We, the hourly employees of FedEx, apologize to you for the terrible service you are receiving this year. Unfortunately, ours is a company run by complete idiots, who only care about further inflating the price of FedEx stock, not providing exemplary service to our customers.

    Over the last few years, it has become increasingly evident that FedEx management only talks about providing superior service, with no actual plan to make it happen. Talk is cheap, so they talk a lot, and take zero action to ensure service. They have gutted our customer service network and sent those jobs offshore, they have failed to attract and retain quality employees, and they have ignored peak season volume projections. Instead of gearing-up for peak season volumes with runners and extra rental vans, they have decided to pinch pennies and just try and squeeze more productivity out of existing employees. Unfortunately, the Earth is not flat and simply tasking employees with more doesn't mean it will be accomplished.

    If you really want your Christmas gifts to be delivered on-time, use UPS. DO NOT use Priority Mail or Express Mail, because these products are actually transported airport-to-airport by FedEx. Believe me, FedEx will manage to screw that up too.

    Ship early, pack well, and DO NOT use FedEx. We're sorry that you can no longer depend on FedEx to provide even average levels of service.
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    I'm tired of apologizing to customers for working my butt off for less pay while the poeple responsible for this mess get off scott free. If They want an apology, give Fred smith or Matthew Thornton III a call.
  4. hypo hanna

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    I want to add that the customers especially the big shippers like Apple and Amazon are also culpable for this disaster. Demanding the same or extra service for a cheaper price is only speeding up this race to the bottom. They don't deserve my apology.
  5. cancan

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    I don't apologize anymore. I just look at them with an empty gaze and shrug.

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  6. Cactus

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    Very true. But screw sales, Smith and Thronton too. They need to learn how to say no.
  7. DontThrowPackages

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    This was a calculated decision. They got rid of the basic skills because the "Type" of employee they were looking to hire couldn't pass the test. So what you have now are kids coming to work in their "fast and furious" cars, not knowing how to read a the map, mis-delivering packages two streets off, customers cautious about opening their front doors to them, talking on their cell phones every 10 minutes slowing down their productivity and doing dex 8 on PU's in order to catch up on their day. I have never in my time here heard so many customer tell me, " How come nobody came by yesterday?" And too bad for you if you're a small shipper and the company decided you're not shipping enough. You'll get your regular PU cancelled without even a courtesy call. This time it was a receptionist. She was held at fault because a important, time sensitive, package wasn't pu'd because they were cancelled abruptly. If she tearing up talking to me about it, then I sure she must have been a mess all morning. MONEY FIRST!
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    Our building leave time is so bad, you'll be lucky to have your FO's delivered by noon
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    A lady told me yesterday how she hates Fedex because they always screw up her deliveries and begs shippers to use UPS. I thought it was rude and unprompted. But I felt embarrassed and couldn't really disagree with her. I thought our goodwill from the 30 plus years of being a decent company would carry us a bit longer. I hear things more and more. I used to feel embarrassed for DHL employees in the same way.

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  10. hypo hanna

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    I never understood why we put the customers through all that BS for a regular pickup. Why not just copy ups and charge a flat rate. Let the customer decide if its worth it for the convienance. If they reach a certain level of volume then waive the pickup fee. A simple adjustment in the billing computer. All we accomplish with our present system is to anger mid level shippers.
  11. It's not just Express who is failing though .. UPS has failed on some of my deliveries .. they have been scanned as "exceptions" .. these were 2 day Amazon packages .. I also saw that they had a full volume of drivers dispatching in my delivery area Saturday at 11 AM .. rough week all around everywhere!
  12. TUT

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    We hear it from random people about each and every carrier that has ever existed and wanting the same action done. And we make the note in the system and abide if possible, but we are talking a fraction of a %. We have just as many that work for one of the carriers that request if possible ship their own carrier vs our default. I don't think we've had one from a carrier asking to use another carrier, so MFE hasn't ordered from us yet! lol
  13. Mr. 7

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    I have a guy on my rte who has told me that if he orders something, he'll ask how they are going to ship it. If they tell him FedEx, he tells them cancel my order.
  14. Route 66

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    Hey Mr. 7!,... I must live on your route!
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    Truthfully, some of the stuff I ordered this holiday season I was happy when I saw ups tracking #s. Everything got delivered before the due date.