death in family / Bereavement leave ???

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  1. arod209

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    by reading the contract i would believe it states that i may have 4 paid days off, & will be paid four times my regular pay rate (as a part time employee) ??? am i misunderstanding what i am reading? also, how many unpaid leave days may i take in addition to the 4 paid days? any additional info would help. thanks.
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    Get with your union rep it depend's where your work location is ,contract's differ from state to state. Depending on who passed away determines how much time you may recieve off and you only get paid your regular rate. But like I said earlier see your steward for a more definitive answer......
  3. DorkHead

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    First of all you must have seniority. PT or FT. Your rate is your normal hourly rate. You cannot collect if you are currently on vacation. How many days you get depends on your supplement to the master agreement
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    If you take family leave the company will require you to cover family leave with any vacation time that you have. You can only save one week of vacation if you want to for other purposes.

    When my wife passed away I was on family leave when it occurred. The company refused to pay bereavement benefits because I was technically on vacation.

    Payroll saved two days of pay for that week. Wonder how many they have lost in last 18 months and will lose in the next 22 years.
  5. arod209

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    yea i'm working & have seniority (5 years). got a hold of my union rep & he told me i'll get 4 days of paid leave so that's basically what i needed to know. thank you all for your input & take care.
  6. 705red

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    Your entitled to up to 4 days if theres any traveling involved.
  7. toonertoo

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    Not always true 705red. My brother died in TX on a wednesday, at 2am. His funeral was on Saturday. I traveled from Ohio to TX and got 3 days. Now had he been buried on a Monday, I would have got 3 days, and one day for travel. But since I had Sunday to travel, I didnt get it. I grieved it for untimely payment and got 4 hrs, but that was with a different team, who didnt think it important to pay me timely. Either way its never enough time off, and I didnt get any hassle over being off an extra day.
  8. 705red

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    Toon im sorry if i made it seem like you were guaranteed 4 days you are entitled up to 4 days with traveling, like you said it was through the weekend and that cost you a day of pay.
  9. toonertoo

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    No 705red, I read the contract, and thats what I thought from the are right, in your wording.
    I kinda thought you got 3 and one if you had to travel. But it was explained to me I was wrong. I still do not totally agree, but it wasnt worth the hassle to fight it. 1500 miles, the stress of traveling and a death, 4 sounded pretty good. :w00t:Either way, I just wanted to point out the time line, so anyone else would know. Have a great weekend:)
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    Hi Arod209, First, I can see that your a new member and would like to welcome you to the Brown Cafe. The site has a lot to offer as you can see. Second, I would like to give my condolence' s in your time of grieving in having lost someone special in your life. I pray that all is well. If thats the case.

    Bereavement Leave, it might differ on where you work at. As you can tell at times what goes for one part of the country might not be for the other. Example amount of sic days, vac days, lunch time some get 30 minutes others 70 min(1 hr plus 10 min break). The only time I took a bereavement leave was when my mother died in 1993. I am from Virgina and she lived in California. I believe at the time you had either 3 or 4 days paid, that was including any traveling. As you see I needed alot more. To my surprise UPS gave me a full week(I believe, if my memory holds true they paid me for the full 7, 8 hr days LOL). sincerely area 43
  11. yeldarb

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    We get additional days of paid leave if funeral is out of state, however, we had a driver get fired, and DID NOT get his job back, when he had a family member die, out of state. He collected the pay, and got fired when he signed the paperwork, because actually he didnt attend the funeral.
  12. over9five

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    I got paid 2 days when my father died. The contract is so convoluted when you read that article. Something like "two days taken between the day of death and the funeral, but maybe up to 4 if there's travel, unless it's a full moon in december...."

    Anyway, as someone else said, I wasn't thinking about money that week..
  13. RockyRogue

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    My grandmother died a number of years ago, a couple months before I started at UPS the first time. I wasn't thinking about money at the time, either. I went cross-country on a plane and back in three or four days. I walked into the grocery I worked in, pamphlet in hand and found my boss. When I'd left, she hadn't been happy I would miss a couple of shifts. She skimmed the cover, handed it back and said, "I paid you for 6 hours of bereavement leave. My condolences on your loss." -Rocky
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    Hello I'm new to this and also new to UPS. I've been working there since 4/19/2011. I was wondering if I get paid leave because my grandfather just passed away this weekend.......I'm still on probation also
  15. hondo

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    Welcome to the BrownCafe, and my condolences for your loss.

    If you are still on probation, according to the National Master Contract, no paid leave (must be a seniority employee see Article 29, section 2). You should check with one of your coworkers or union shop steward to see if your local/regional contract supplement or rider provides superior benefits in this matter.

    You should also find out if you are still on 'probation'. If you worked every day since you started (including Good Friday), Tuesday May 31 should have been 30 working days by my count. In most parts of the country, that would mean you are out of probation and are now a seniority employee (BUT in some areas it is 40 days).