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    The husbands new policy book for the Teamcare health plan came today. Most of the time this would sit on the desk to collect dust. Today I opened it and couldn't help but laugh at the first page. It has 2 different plans, the old one and the new one. The new one will not go into effect until the UPS collective bargaining agreement is implemented.

    Does anyone know if this UPS agreement isn't finished until next year will teamcare refund us the money if we are still stuck paying the higher cost for meds and deductibles. The only reason I ask is because my daughter is one a few different medications for asthma and it can cost a lot for all her stuff. Since there is not an agreement finalized yet I am rescheduling my shoulder surgery since I don't want to pay more than I should.

    If you received the book you might want to read it.
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    That would probably be a question for a teamcare rep.
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    Inside front cover of mine, FT,

    "It is important to note, that the new plan of benefits which includes lower annual deductibles, lower prescription co-payments, and improved retiree health plan eligibility will not become effective until the UPS contract is ratified and implemented."

    How long after ratification will it take to be implemented?
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    I agree I would contact Central States but one would think since they haven't received the members or the money allocated for the enhancements they won't pay for it retro.
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    Agreed ...that would be a morass to recover paid out expenses and the other reconciliations.
    In fact, UPS-Teamsters may agree to implement the first of a month sometime after the contract is finally ratified.
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    Got it today, Going to take a gander in it here shortly when I drop a deuce...