Disciplinary action already....in cab cameras.


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Not to belabor the point, I agree you it sucks, it’s stupid, and it’s a giant waste of money. Having said that we already have language in the contract that protects us from over supervision. Having a forward facing camera is going to happen. Having a motion activated camera of some sort pointing at us might not. At least there’s a chance that there will be a ruling against it. Even if the inside camera gets put in, harassment language still applies, if you’re asking me daily about 25 different nose picking incidents, or why I turned my head to look at the large breasted lady driving the convertible, that’s clearly harassment and I would file a grievance every time. I would also turn into Ronald Reagan at the Iran contra hearings and say I don’t remember, just like I do with Telematics. If however they ask you why you ran a red light and ran over a kid or caused an intersection accident… probably not harassment. Most of the stuff is redundant they already know the answers without the camera, they are just control freaks with a shiny new toy and it will be on the back burner just like all the other toys eventually.

I'd be filing over-supervision harassment grievances every day a camera is in my cab.


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I'd be filing over-supervision harassment grievances every day a camera is in my cab.
If they never say anything to you, what would be the contract violation assuming they’re approved (which I hope they’re not)? And I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t seen how the Inward facing camera works, I’ve only heard it doesn’t record actual video, but tracks movement? I have seen the presentation on the outward facing camera shows UPS driver avoiding crashes and not running over little kids blah blah blah supposed to protect you if you’re in an accident. Most likely just to protect UPS.
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