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    For years at our center they would post a page on the door to the Diad room which showed what each driver did the day before. It has their name , the dispatch, on road hours for the day, packages delivered, miles and how far under or over they ran.

    They now print these numbers individually and leave the numbers in each drivers slot outside the office.

    My question is how do they post these numbers at your center?

    I understand the argument that these numbers should just be between UPS and the individual driver. If your center is like mine , however, every driver near you in the morning is complaining how much work the have. They all claim that they had 10 hr days all week and need you to take that air for them.

    I walked in the center manager's office the other day, after I went out with a 9.4 on my first 8 hr request of the year, and found the sheet on his desk that showed the other driver's dispatches in my loop.

    One of them was under 8 and the other 2 had around 8.5 s.

    So my question is why shouldn't this be posted for anyone to see, unless they have something to hide? What's next ? They will tell you not to look in the back of another driver's package car in the morning because that is also private information?
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  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    They post the operations report right next to the telematics data for everyone to see.
  3. Re-Raise

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    Interesting. They grab it out of my hand when I am looking at it like I don't have the security clearance to see it. We are getting telematics in the next couple of months.
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    They post that everyday in my building I haven't a clue why anyone would look at it. Who cares what it says, everything starts with the made up dispatch numbers that magically change everyday even if you run the exact same route. So any report that gets generated is basically garbage.

    Garbage in Garbage out.
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    We are a bonus center. We bid trips every year. I think the drivers with good trips ($$) wish the dispatch wasn't posted. Come January the drivers start to really take note of the dispatches of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    Its posted in DIAD office.
  6. badpal.

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    we all have little "mailboxes" where we are given sheets with our individual numbers daily. I only look to see if my paid day matches what I have recorded on my calender.
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    How bout what a colossal waste of paper it is to print each one individually. Also did u do the 9.4 day in 8 hours if so that's your fault. I'll admit I get frustrated sometimes cause just a few years ago an 8 hour request was more like a 7-7.5 hour day now I go out with a 9.5 day. Either way an 8 hour request is just that 8 hours if they see you are going to be done early they can make you do more. If you have to much bring it back!!!!
  8. barnyard

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    I do the same. I also check to see how much over or under I am. Not because it matters where I am, but if I know them I know how easy or hard it will be to fight an over 9.5 grievance. I understand that their numbers and reality are 2 different things, but I also know that if I am more than an hour over everyday, a grievance is going to result in a week of ride-alongs.
  9. Re-Raise

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    How often do you bring work back?

    It isn't my "fault" that the person doing the dispatching can't control the loop. Two of the drivers in my loop are the biggest crybabies at our center. They are constantly claiming they can't get done and won't even speak to each other.

    I put in maybe 5 eight hour requests a year and they max out each month. I would love the operations report to be posted so I could walk over in the middle of one of their whinefests and point to it.

    Apparently from the responses the policy varies from center to center in regards to posting of the operations report.
  10. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    It really doesn't matter what the "PLANNED" day is we all know that it can vary greatly from route to route and some people just can't get it done as fast as others. As for your 8 hour requests I know it sucks but the less you take them the more likely you are to get loaded up you have to force them to give you your 8.0. I have brought back stops on I think 3 of my last 4 8 hour requests. Not because I run late ( I'm within 15 minutes either way on scratch everyday) its because they don't adjust my stop count when I have an 8.0. One 8 hr request day I had 2 more stops than the previous day that I went over 9.5. I won't let dispatch screw me out of an 8 hour request.
  11. Re-Raise

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    Do they send a driver back out with your stops when they get in? My route is 200 miles each day and my last town is 40 minutes from the center.

    Arter 20 years I have a pretty good idea which routes have generous dispatches. I want to know if the people crying have a legitimate gripe or if they are getting greased only because they are the squeeky wheel .. so to speak.
  12. brownedout

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    That report is always left lying around for all who want to see can. All drivers who are 1.00 overplan have that number highlighted in yellow. There's always 15-20 of us highlighted in yellow and if their plan is to get the rest of us :censored2: at these guys it's not working. When the majority of us had our minimum 3 day lock in ride the flavor of the month was SPORH, my baseline SPORH came to almost 1.50 over. As long as I'm reaching, or even within Sporh +/- means absolutely nothing to me. Hell there are days I'm no where near Sporh but did what I could, and am satisfied and have no problem looking myself in the mirror. As sober has stated repeatedly, "It's only paper, and it's not worth what it is printed on"
  13. Packmule

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    Our report is laying on the sup's desk each morning. periodically, they get fussy and won't let you see any but your own info, but usually they are too busy to worry about it.
  14. toonertoo

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    I always look, coz in the morning I feel the need for a chuckle.
  15. dcdriver

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    Same here
  16. Re-Raise

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    They hide it at our center so we don't know we are getting splits to take care of the crybabies who can't find the lights on their package cars and need to be in by 4:30 every day.

    We have a couple of drivers who claim they aren't going to get done every morning. If you look at the operation report the next morning you find out they had an 8.5.

    If they just posted the damn thing on the wall , at least I wouldn't have to listen to the bs every morning.
  17. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I guess they send someone back out with the stops don't know don't care not my problem. Now we have a lot of people threaten to bring stuff back but never do and they get shat on every time they have an 8.0. My guess being as far away as you are from the building you do it once and you won't be over dispatched again. They can't do anything to you just remember that. If you get an 8.0 you are entitled to it NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!
  18. Bubblehead

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    There have always been multiple copies lying around in the various centers in our building until recently.
    While I can still see all of the other drivers, the page with air drives stats is now missing.
    Guess all of the grievances that I filed over the past few years for them doing ground work was to much for them.
  19. UPSmeoff

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    I don't buy it.
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    They posted in my building every day for all the drivers to see