Dumbest thing a supervisor has done?


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What is the dumbest thing you have seen a supervisor do? We had a supervisor get canned for delivering during christmas with his 14 year old son. :confused:1


Get his tie caught in the shredder. Thank God they were able to turn it off in time. It ended up being pretty funny. They even framed it and gave it to him for Christmas. It was a beautiful tie.


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In the Phoenix Hub one of the preload sups was crawling under the grating below a female preloader's work station and masterbating. One of the shop stewards snapped a photo of him doing it. It must have been tough explaing to his wife why he was fired!


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rushfan said:
relooping our center, PAS

LOL, rush. In defense of the SUP here, let's investigate who really screwed up here. The SUP was told by the "higher ups" that he needs to re-loop the center. Ever hear of the cliche' "If it ain't broke then don't fix it"? The center had a loop plan that worked for years, where businesses and schools would get delivered, on trace, at a reasonable hour and everyone was happy. Then comes along PAS, and the theory that we'll save fuel with the re-loops and that driver A B and C's route need to end up in the save place so work can be moved between them with ease. As we all know this isn't the case. Ok, so you save a mile here, but waste 2 because the driver has to break to do a school in a house call area that is in looped in EDD in section 8500. And now with all the misloads the system generates, I'm driving off area daily to deliver them. Think of all the fuel wasted by these air drivers shuttling misloads back and forth between drivers all day. Of course, they can't actually deliver that package, that would make too much sense. Instead we have to have meetpoints, which wastes fuel and at $39 bucks an hour for overtime labor costs. Sorry for the long post, but it just doen't make any sense to me. No wonder FEDEX's stock is kick :censored2::sad:


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Watching a supervisor that had the preload belt stop. He went to the panel box,stuck several pennies into the blown fuse, then starting the belt.

The fun part was watching the motors catch on fire about two minutes later!


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I think I could come up with one a day for the next few months.

How about the time a sup (delivering at Xmas) drove a rental into McDonalds drive through. The bar that says 'don't enter if above 8 feet' didn't stop him, he continued on till he took out the drive-through. It was closed for weeks after that. I think it was the cocaine/vodka buzz that did it to him.


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PT sup at a UPS softball game. Has no ride, wants to go home. Asks one of his PT employees to give him a ride. She says no.
PT sup breaks into her car, steals it, and totals it in an accident. His defense was he had had too much cough medicine.

Reward? Promoted to FT sup.


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My sup told a new hire she would not qualify him if he called in one more time during his 30 days. He was sick but he came in, looked pale as a sheet and he was throwing up (thankfully not in the trucks)! I asked her why he was here if he was so sick and she told me that she made him come in. Well bravo... let's get all the preloaders sick and not to mention how unsanitary it is. . . remind me not to wear my boots in the house again!

Oh and earlier in the week she somehow got a large long package to knock out one of the lights above us. Sparks flew and her hair sizzled then the whole light dropped on the belt! Maintenance had to come and cut it off since they could not fix it.


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I have had several managers who noticed me unbuckle my seat belt and raise up in the seat, hoping to catch sight of the rear of the vehicle angling into a very tight parking space in a dim building, come by and make a stink about me not being buckled in. I complained bitterly about the fact that I couldn't see the rear of the vehicle, but they were all by the book. Neither one of them was my manager, and I of course ignored them both. One guy was the division safety manager; I suppose he was continually promoted to a position were he could do as little harm as possible.


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I was wrong blaming the sup for pas. All our sups are just as frustrated with pas as we are. At the end of each day in the office we are all complaining about it. I friend there was a pub near by, we would all go to it to drown our sorrows.

Copulation seems to be a problem at UPS facilities. Back in the day, one of our sups and a co-worker were in a stall in the bathroom during break.


Years ago a very popular sup did a very stupid thing. One morning he brought a case of candy bars in to see if he could help raise money for his son's baseball team. While we were in the checkout room getting our equipment together (and buying our share of candy bars) this sup took one of the candy bars and stuck it between his legs and asked this new hire girl if she wanted a "bite".

Within the hour, this 20 plus year sup was gone. Four months later his house went up for sale, by the end of the year his marriage fell apart.

Life's accomplishments are like a stack of cards, does'nt take much to see it come tumbling down.


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susiedriver said:
I think I could come up with one a day for the next few months.

How about the time a sup (delivering at Xmas) drove a rental into McDonalds drive through. The bar that says 'don't enter if above 8 feet' didn't stop him, he continued on till he took out the drive-through. It was closed for weeks after that. I think it was the cocaine/vodka buzz that did it to him.
Thats too funny I thought they just made that up for the King of Queens episode. Did anyone else see it?


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we had a sup walk on the belt in the hub and he started to fall. he reached up to grab something and his arm got caught in the roller from the belt on top of him. he was hanging there with no place to go. took the fire dept about an hour to get him out. he was gone by the end of the week.


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We had a girl that worked our preload who was terrible. I once heard the supervisor tell her to sort out a couple totes, then I headed to the pcm. I returned to my truck and noticed those two totes sitting in my load, most of which were not my packages. Did they ever fire her? No, they promoted her to driver in our center.
She probably stole any number of packages from the load; I once did a tracer for some missing shoes that the girl had DR at an apartment building. When I asked the girl what happened, she told me the consignee had told her it was okay to leave the packages at the front door. I asked the woman if she had ever told the driver to leave packages, but she said she had never seen the driver.
After a number of years of ruining our center, they finally got her on a suspended driver's license she never reported to the company. Please don't promote people who ought to be canned. That's no way to run a business.


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In our area they make those type people SUPERVISORS.

A guy doing his 30 days to be a sup DRs all bussiness pkgs at back doors because they are not open, we read the complaints from custumers.
He was made a sup. in IE.