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    We just started edd a few weeks ago, not a good ideal. what is the great gods thinking? Misloads everyday,pkgs on wrong shelves, pkgs being paled to wrong trucks. For example guns for walmart being paled to the ghetto side of town, thats real smart, The trace in diad is a disaster, tells you to go 5 miles out of town then come back into town. Nothing is right I have to go to an average of 10 stops a day 2 or 3 times, then management says our center is terrible, we are losing money, because of performance etc.
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    Perhaps your just fighting it?

    Some honest observations of it?

    If your trace is screwed up? Get with management to fix it - yup that's right it will not get better until YOU take some time to go over it with your team and get it rewritten. Obviously be prepared that the way you ran the route before may not be how it will be run in the future.

    The load will eventually be loaded much better then anything ever done pre-pal by anyone but the BEST preloaders. Come on now...complaining about packages on the wrong shelfs is being a bit silly considering how loads have always been in the past. At least now with EDD you have an idea whats supposed to be in the truck.

    Misloads are going to keep happening until they start forcing the preloaders to read both the pal and address label to confirm they are the same as well as knowing what truck number they are putting the package into. We have some preloaders who misload Very very few - then we have some that do three to four daily. Is that a system problem or worker?

    As far as Walmart being mispal'd? Other then being an obvious mistake to the customer how does it make YOU any unsafer if you are following proper procedures for securing your vehicle in the "ghetto"?

    I fail to see how your going to 10 stops a day 2 or 3 times throughout the day unless they are all mispal'd. Edd will tell you what you have and how many for those stops. Even if they are mispal'd those usually happen that way every time and it would not be long before I figured out to go through EDD and look to see if there are a few more with a wrong pal.

    Bottom line is...EDD works and works as well as can be expected. If you take the time to work to have your's fixed it's a wonderful thing - if not? Well fight the system and live with it. The choice is yours.....it's here to stay.
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    Loosen that tie, vtbrown....
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    Having a hard time swallowing the truth?

    It's not like I don't live EDD every day and as a cover driver that covers 16 or 17 of our routes - I see it all. Rural and commercial.
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    Peak is obviously not the best time to introduce EDD but, that being said, I agree with VT in that it won't get fixed until you fix it. Ask your dispatch sup to print out your DOL (delivery order listing) and then sit down and set up the run the way that you want it. Keep in mind that changes will not take place until after peak so be prepared to live with it for now. Believe me, after your DOL is set, you will find EDD a huge improvement.

    Bad PALs usually follow a pattern so finding these will reduce the need to go back to stops. Each stop also has a pkg count so ensure that you zero out each stop before stop complete. Watch out for more than one address for the same consignee which could be palled to 2 or more locations (college deliveries are notorious for this). Give yourself some time and you will be just fine.

    Over9Five, I thought that this forum was for the intelligent discussion of issues which all UPS drivers deal with on a daily basis. Your "feud" with VT certainly does not follow this and takes away from the purpose of this forum. For the most part, VT's posts add to the discussion (although at times he does come off as a bit arrogant) and shows that he understands the basic principles that each employee should follow. Do your job, do the very best that you can, know that you are well paid for what you do and that there are hundreds who would gladly trade places with you, know that mgt will treat you like a 2nd grader and cares little about your input or concerns or the fact that you have a family at home.
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    After a year and a half it is what it is. Not better only different. The miracle money saver it is not. It might say Escalade on it but underneath it's still a Chevy.
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    Ok I'm sick and tired of people saying it's the drivers' responsibility to fix area trace. That is absurd! UPS sends these IE geeks into our centers to stare at maps and gps images of the area only for them to totally screw half the routes up and then has the nerve to tell us to fix it? LOL! It should have been done right the first time. They should have asked for our input during the process and not after. Now when we complain we only hear "Well fix it then." as if that line was rehearsed and is a scapegoat for the problem. I've told our management team of plenty of problems on several routes and nothing is ever done about them and other drivers have said the same thing. And they expect us to go over the problem on our own time. LOL! If I'm not going to sit there and help trace an area and not get paid for it. Especially considering it was IE responsibilty to get it done right the first time. There are only two or three drivers in our center that have gotten management and IE to listen and actually fix their routes. They had to come in on their own time though and weren't getting paid. Well wouldn't ya know it.....it was the same guys that run and skip lunch every day. They are used to working for free for an hour every day so why not.

    As far as the PAL labels and all that goes.....having EDD/PAS has given preload sups the perfect excuse to not train people anymore. They just tell them to read the PAL and place the package on the assigned shelf and on the floor if it wont fit. They don't bother to train them to load the floor lower sequence numbers to higher from front to back. Or not to stack higher numbers on top of lower sequence numbers. This is done because the mentallity is that it's the driver's responsibility to fix it. Just like trace in EDD.
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    Sounds pretty close to the truth. This is one great reason why it's not worth the extra 6 bucks an hour to be out on the road delivering.
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    I must work in the best center ever. Most of us get done in 9.5 since the introduction of PAS and EDD. Once the drivers sat down with the management team and realligned everything it sooooo much smoother. I personally think Edd and PAS are the best things they did for the drivers. Before it was just a mess.
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    Best for alot of drivers, and an improvement in some areas, but not the customers which is what really counts. I Can't tell you how many bad pals come through - hundreds in a month- thousands overall - and they're packages that have completely entirely correct UPS labels but the pal spits out the wrong zip, street name, etc.

    It's really rediculous actually when a customer needs an explanation of how the UPS driver tried delivering to Westchester street on the PAL when it says Winchester right on the original label. What do you say? The system sucks? Yep, that's what I do, because it's true!
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    Are you sick and tired of being a dummy yet?
    Keep fighting the system, lol. Your almost over the goal line.

    We were asked COUNTLESS times to please work with the PAS team who were not ALL I.E. people lot's were on-roads from other centers on special assignment.

    We were also told that once they are gone that it will be longer to get something fixed. So put the effort in then.

    It's stupid to sit here and complain and to think management wants the loops to be screwed up. As the center numbers completely reflect upon them.

    How freaken hard is it to take 5 minutes a day to write down on paper one quick section that may be written wrong in the trace? Do it over a week or two and most of your problems will be fixed.

    You go ahead and keep playing the "poor me" card. No one loves me because I won't run my lunch - not that it matters anymore since if we run it we don't "lose" that hour.

    Bottom line is....it is here to stay - regardless if you like it or not. Don't be a donkey.

    Are you one of those drivers who complains to his customers as well? Nothing like telling someone making MAYBE $13hr how bad your $28hr job is.
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    Amazing - same here!

    Watch out though - you'll soon be call a management wannabe!
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    Are you tired of being an arrogant ass yet? Keep tooting your own horn on the board and you'll most certainly win everone over.

    Asking and doing are two different things. Oh..and it helps if they'd listen to what we say and not just nod and grin and then forget.

    Will they listen? Haven't so far. Will they pay us? Nope

    It's stupid to say that someone thinks that management wants the loops to be screwed up when that person never said that. Although....based on their lack of effort to fix the problems we've presented to them I'd say that wouldn't have a bad though but I don't think that. I think it's because it's out of their hands. IE controls each center now. Not the managers.

    Do you not pay attention to what you read? We have been telling them the problems!

    Keep playing the "I'm the best driver ever, know it all, management butt kissing clown card" and you'll surely be running your own center some day. Enjoy!

    Are you one of those drivers that toots your own horn to the customers to boost your ego? I'm sure you are. I wonder how many of them see you comming each and say to themselves "Oh god here comes that arrogant UPS guy" and then smile at you and laugh on the inside as you talk yourself up for being such a great driver. So, who is the donkey again? LOL!
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    Actually.....more often then not I get the "Great it's the smiling UPS guy, not the grumpy one". Obviously not verbatim but you get the idea I hope.

    My customers love me.....I do the little extra things others do not. Biggest reason? I don't bitch and complain about my job to them every day.

    You regular guys may think the sympathetic to your problems when in reality they could care less and would love to have that $70,000 a year problem.

    You keep doing what your doing, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. It's obviously working for both of us and we both are happy with our job. :rolleyes:
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    I still hear that horn.....will it ever stop?
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    Not as long as your listening for it. Funny how that works, no?

    Geesh.....Think about it.

    Sorry someone has chosen to rain on your little complaint parade that had been going on in here.
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    Kind of hard not to listen when you are playing it in everyone's ear. Geesh..think about it. If there is a parade to be rained on it's yours. Ya know....the one you have for yourself all over the board that celebrates your self proclaimed greatness as a driver? Others have noticed. Umm...lets see.....multiple complaints about the refusal of management and IE to listen to drivers, including a whole webpage on the sujbect (http://denverbrown.com/pas.html). I'd say your parade has be cancelled. How do you like them apples?
  18. I'll bite, if you've got a lazy center team that never fixes anything VT PAS is not the godsend. We had one (that or they weren't ever getting the communications on what needed to be changed) and it was re-structured (5 dollar corporate word haha), lately its been getting better...hopefully it continues to do so.

    PAS helps train preloaders, but it doesn't teach them how to load. We have drivers bitching because preloaders DO follow the PALs, some drivers play dumb apparently (where is the 5643 section?) and some don't care what the loader does as it will always be not what they want. Not all mind you, most of our drivers are great. I once saw a loader cram 150 pieces to a FL3 bulk stop all the way up the front, couldn't load anything else the rest of the day (wasn't my loader hence the reason it was comical). Why did he do it? Someone told him "no stacking, get it in the truck!" Who? The IE member of the PAS team....do THEY even know how it works?

    This system is only as good as the people implementing it...got a bad team, doesn't matter how many drivers spend time to do what you've said, it won't get fixed. Good team? Maybe we'll see more centers like yours and cementups (which would be nice).
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If they (IE and anyone else that can help fix it) would just listen then much of this could be solved. One of the points I'm trying to make here is that they don't listen. We leave notes on their computers telling them what needs to be fixed...NOTHING HAPPENS. We verbally tell them......NOTHING HAPPENS. The reports that show what percentage of trace each driver runs more than backs up our complaints. More than half the center is running under 85%. In many cases WAY under. As low as 50%. Most of the other half run trace even though they know it's jacked up and end up logging more hours and more miles due to the fact that EDD has them running in circles. Add bad trace to the fact that some routes have multiple add/cuts and you end up with a route that can't be run on trace. Also....it's getting harder to skip sections in order to run a route better due to the fact that the trucks are cubed out because of peak. More drivers are having to stick to trace even when it makes more sense to run a later section in EDD first because they simply can't get to some of the packages. So you see.....the refusal of IE and whoever else that can help to listen to us is letting the problem snow ball. Once peak is over and the trucks aren't as full we can all start breaking trace again in order to run the routes more effectively. Or...somehow transfer to those rare perfectly looped centers.
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    You make a great point in regards to the person making 13 bucks an hour and getting no OT, while we are earning 28 bucks an hour and some OT. For a little perspective, if we work 10 hours, the 2 hours OT plus the 20 minute time bonus will almost equal what that reciever makes in his 8 hour shift! (2x42=84 + 14[bonus]=98) vs. (8x13= 104).

    Truly amazing.