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    I know there is a huge bush fan club here so this will probably not be well received, but remember this administration ran a campaign about bringing ethics and trust back to the White House?

    Things like how bush said he'd can anyone involved in the leak.

    We know Libby was involved, anyone truly believe Rove who's fingers and suggestions are in anything and everything involving this administration wasn't in the knowledge and involved?

    Let alone Cheney.

    But now bush has used the "define sex" strategy of adding anyone convicted to his earlier holier than thou statement.

    And of course any questioning of the integrity of those in the White House administration has to be politically motivated.

    I am surprised charges of unpatriotic haven't been leveled at anyone questioning the integrity of anyone in the administration.

    It is also a see through excuse that the administration says they cannot apologize or comment on Libby because of the ongoing legal case.

    Then why did they make statements about what a hard working patriot he has been over his career, etc. if they cannot make comments regarding the issue?

    That seems like a comment to me.

    Apparently, the only comments they can make are praise for indicted administration personal. :p

    Anyone notice as we go over 2000 dead US servicemen and women and untold additional wounded ones (let alone civilians) that every month we are cautioned that we can expect an escalation until the next fill in the blank here and this talk has been continually recycled with another fill in the blank for almost two plus years?!?

    With no end in sight.

    Heck, just this year alone there has been at least four fill in the blank deadlines that have come and passed and the deaths just continue.

    I see another seven soldiers died just today.

    Now that the far right has put bush in his place for daring to nominate someone he admired I am sure he will meekly give them the type of judge to change the decisions of the past thirty, forty years that they demand.
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    Well, today President Bush nominated Samuel Alito To replace Justice OConnor. You are correct that he is a conservative, but not out of the mainstream IMHO. He's a well respected judge who was unanimously confirmed by the Senate for the court of appeals.

    And even though I'm a member of the huge Bush fan club, I would want anyone involved in blowing the cover of a CIA agent fired. (Actually, I think it should be a death penalty offence for anyone guilty of this).

    Libby resigned, can't fire him. Rove? Who knows. Cheney? God, I hope he knew nothing about it.

    Anyhow, everything in Washington is politically motivated, so we will find out everything...
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    We won't find out anything. Why was Libby allowed to quit before he was fired? Rove and Cheney are both neck deep in this, yet nothing is done. Whose star is unnamed in the CIA headquarters, right after Plame's outing? Why is Novak not being executed? You do realize that Libby was the 'Assistant to the President', as well as his positions in Cheney's office, don't you? You do realize that the two people who will now take Libbys place were also involved in Traitorgate. Was Bush so far out of the loop that he couldn't be trusted?

    You do realize Bush has lied, dont you? Didnt he say no one involved in the leaking of the identity of a CIA agent would work in the White House? Did you read the indictment? Heres a cheat sheet for you:

    Vice President of the United States = Dick Cheney
    Counsel to the Vice President = David Addington (new job now-Libby replacement)

    Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs = Catherine Martin
    Scooter Libby's principal deputy = Eric Edelman
    Official A = Karl Rove
    White House Press Secretary = Ari Fleischer
    Under Secretary of State = Marc Grossman
    Rove was the leaker to Novak, the information came from Cheney, Libby threw sand in the eyes of the investigators. They should all burn, and maybe then we can have our country back.

    Alitos trail is well known. The court of appeals is not the Supreme Court. He legislates from the bench (which Bush says he opposes, unless he agrees with the legislation). Here are some of his views:


    I can point to case law for each of those points, if needed.

    I dont know which country wkmac is moving to, but Canada looks mighty good about now, if this is allowed to continue. I wish it was warmer there, oh wait, with the global warming, it might be okay, some nice beachfront in Kamloops.

    Ill leave you with this, because Im too ticked off to add more now:

    George W. Bush will repair what has been damaged . . . On the first hour of the first day, he will restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office.

    Dick Cheney
    Speech to the 2000 Republican Convention
    August 2, 2000

    My fellow citizens, we can begin again. After all of the shouting, and all of the scandal. After all of the bitterness and broken faith. We can begin again.

    George W. Bush
    Speech to the 2000 Republican Convention
    August 3, 2000
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    "We won't find out anything."

    Why? Will the Democrats let this slide by?

    "Why was Libby allowed to quit before he was fired?"

    Allowed to quit? He hasn't been tried yet. Can't he quit when he wants?

    "You do realize Bush has lied.."

    Makes me think of that guy who said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".

    "Alitos trail is well known."

    Very well known. Should make his confirmation no problem.

    "Canada looks mighty good about now"

    So go then!

    "Im too ticked off "

    You always are.

    "he will restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office."

    I'm sure they meant no more BJs in the oval office.
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    Are you running on the democrat ticket in 2006?

    You sure could write all the talking points for the radical left.

    Were you this angry at Clinton since he said he would have the most ethical administration ever in office?
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    nice, intelligent post. BJ's are more important than lying to go to an unnecessary war, in your view, I guess. Tell that to the thousands of brave men and women who gave their lives for NOTHING.

    Democrats don't control either house at this point, though this could change at mid-terms, so they can't launch an investigation. You really aren't that smart, are you?

    I love this country, but it's changing fast, I won't leave without a fight.

    Clinton's gone, get over it.
  7. over9five

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    "You really aren't that smart, are you?"
    "get over it."

    Resort to the name-calling and snide comments, as always Susie!
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    Offer nothing, as always .5, out of context works for you, heh?
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    Thanks Traveler. Could you point me to that Clinton quote? Bush lied and people died, and are still dying. Like I told .5, Clinton's gone, get over it.
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    Did Clinton commit treason?
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    Bush is president...Accept it!
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    I accept it, but will not give him 'carte blanche'. He has appointed traitors to high positions, and must pay the price.

    You better pay close attention to his tax plan that will be announced tomorrow, it might hurt you.
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    "Makes me think of that guy who said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"."

    Is that the defense?

    He lies like Clinton? :D

    How far the high and mighty ethical tower has fallen.:(

    What with the Senate majority anyone bush can get approved by the religious right has an excellent chance of being shoved down our throats or up our. . .

    Back to Back Catholics put into the Supreme Court. . .

    Something ironically hillarious about the religious right causing that.

    Fourth deadliest month since "Mission Accomplished", most deadly month since the final results that there never were any Weapons of Mass Destruction to invade and occupy Iraq over.

    Meanwhile North Korea is a confirmed Weapons of Mass Destruction and Iran is moving steadily towards that qualification.

    Not saying that justifies invading a country, but if it does it looks like bush picked the wrong one.
  14. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    Susie, you stated:

    "Did Clinton commit treason?"

    No, just perjury! That is the charge against Libby also. By the way, do we yet know what the meaning of "is" is?

    Gee, I didn't see a charge of treason anywhere other than in your own post! In your posts you have obviously convicted all you spoke of. I would rather wait to see the actual outcome but I guess you are so well connected to the prosecutor and the case that you know much more than all the rest of us here.
  15. susiedriver

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    The prosecutor has charged Libby with obstruction of justice in the investigation of the outing of a CIA agent. I believe that would be treason, once the obstructions are removed. Whether Libby, Rove, Cheney or someone else ends up being charged for treason, well have to wait and see. There is no doubt that a CIA agent was outed, and someone in the White House was behind it.

    Clinton lied about sex, these people lied about national security, spin it anyway you wish, its not the same.
  16. moreluck

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    "The prosecutor has charged Libby with obstruction of justice."

    yep, it's not the same as Clinton's's the same as Martha Stewart's charge.
  17. susiedriver

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    Plus 2 counts of perjury and 2 counts of lying, 5 counts altogether.
  18. ok2bclever

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    if you truly don't know the difference between what Martha did with stocks and what someone or more likely someones in the White House did outing a CIA operative, especially as a venial retaliation for her spouse, then you should stick to recipes and jokes. :mad:

    What the cowards involved hiding in the White House did was small, despicable and truly unpatriot.
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    I'm not saying "what" they did was the same, I'm just saying the verbage was exactly the same...."obstruction of justice."
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    Ok, it just boils my blood that some low political craven(s) would put someone who is putting their life on the line for the USA into danger.

    The fact that it was in venial retaliation for her husband's accurate criticism of the administration's fabrication of the weapons of mass destruction salespitch that got us into Iraq at the time this was happening makes it that much worse.