Facial hair


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It’s 2020.. can we please do something about the facial hair requirement in the contract? Allow beards PLEASE!! How can we collectively come together and change this?


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You can't make the rules. You just gotta bend them to your advantage. Identify as a chick and then just watch them try and stop you from growing a beard.


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Negotiate 25 percent less pay for those that want beards, additional 25 percent cut for tattoos. The difference to go in the pension fund.

Seymour Packages

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Been growing a beard since April. It's easy to get a medical waiver. The busier the center, the better life is. No time for management to sit around and nitpick to justify their jobs. Rolling right into peak with the playoff beard 😂


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So many ppl at our center have full grown beards that they hide under full facial masks per covid regs. The center manager called them out at a mtg one morning. "I know all you guys with full facial masks have full beards under them, thats why you come walking up with the mask up to your eyeballs", everyone started laughing cause we all know its true :P