FedEx Express Employees and Ground drivers should read this..

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  3. The link isn't working on this site. Apparently a Walmart store up north is holding a can food drive for its own Employees. I know couriers (myself included) that would benefit from something like that. I have no idea how I'm going to afford a nice meal for my entire family this year. Much less buy gifts on top of that. Thanks, Fred Smith.
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    LOL I'm guessing no one at corporate thought about how that would make Walmart look.
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    I would have to donate house brands from the other chains. That pic would make a nice Internet meme.
  7. UPS should hold a food drive for FedEx employees and FedEx non employees (Ground drivers) ;-)
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    Why? Ground is already eating our lunch.
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  10. The sad part about this is that it would never work at Express. There are senior employees around here making a grand a week after overtime that don't seem to mind that their fellow co-workers are struggling to make 400 a week doing the same work. I would venture to say that FedEx is worse than Walmart. At least with Walmart you know what you're getting when you sign up . I doubt anyone starts working there with the assumption that they're going to make great money. FedEx has tricked the public into thinking we all drive around in nice cars and live in big houses. Couldn't be further from the truth.
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    Day laborer. Couldn't have written better myself. They are living off the old fedex image. Someday it will backfire. The general public still doesn't even know the difference of express vs ground. Stocks skyrocketing though. Hope everyone bought some with their discretionary income.
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    slight correction: they are living off the old Federal Express image. In retrospect, the brand change seems to have marked the early beginning of the long steady decline which has brought us to the steaming pile of an outfit we find ourselves in today. Just saying the word 'FedEx' fills my throat with bile.

    ​ RIP Federal Express - you were a good company. This FedEx monster however - decidedly NOT
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    Image doesn't matter like it used to. Just ask the UPS folks here.
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    As soon as someone coyly mentions "Oh, you guys make big bucks"
    I immediately tell them exactly how much I make and exactly how much the UPS'ers make.
  15. My response is always... "It's very likely that you make more than me" followed by me staring down at my feet wondering where I went wrong in life.
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    Holy crap this is so right! If I didn't work for FedEx and saw this I would have thought you were blowing smoke up people's asses. It's obvious at our station. Topped out employees are making pretty good bank, driving around in brand new F-150's and don't care that the guy who only has a couple years service doing the exact same job they're doing, is getting the shaft. Bring in a union? Heavens no! That might actually help someone else out and I sure don't want someone with less seniority than me making as much as I am!

    Until this mentality changes, there will be no union at FedEx.
  17. It's done on purpose in my opinion. They've got two pay scales going. Winners and losers. The losers are people that started after 2003. I may be wrong on the date but That's when they pay-scale changed to what it is today I believe.
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    So. Where did you go wrong in life?
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    I started before 2003 and it was like that then. I know people with ten years more than me who still aren't at top out. This has been going on for a loooong time.