FedEx is doing just fine...

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by DRAisawesome, Jan 8, 2014.

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    well, one or two opcos didn't really fall flat in it's face this peak...

    try your mettle at stock trading with fake $ at

    i'll plug in these stocks and see how they perform

    a relative is a futures trader & that's a more volatile market to play in ~ i'm thinking that's just gambling w/ other people's money. He'll have to prove it to me that he knows what he's doing to counter-act some losses before i let him touch my sorry excuse for a 401K
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    In the picture of the morning sort shows every truck with a yellow "step ups" which a courier uses to sort his docs. Our station has a "dock high" aisle we can back into. This sort looks like you have to lug those heavy boxes up the stairs into the truck. Seems like a waste of time,
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    DSD, there are lots of floor level stations around the country, some are even mixed, with a elevated portion with a power belt and then floor level. And yes it's a waste of time, but number crunchers say that the cost of a belt, and everything else wouldn't pay off in time savings. Of course loading an econoline from an elevated belt sucks compared to being on the floor.
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    It's an epoch of record profits, for sure. Unfortunately, most would agree, those mega profits are derived from cutting the compensation levels of Joe and Jane average. I personally don't see how this is sustainable when considering our economy is largely based on consumerism, and less and less families have disposable income. According to the latest census, only 20 percent of households have an income over 100,000. How do families get by?
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    While my station has elevated belts, I used to work at a station with floor level belts, and the asinine steps. They figure the savings are moot, but unfortunately how many couriers have permanent knee problems from going up and down those steps a hundred times per sort, that is a hundred for each truck they load. Those that load three or four trucks, it's much worse for them.
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    You obviously have missed some meetings. Fedex is not doing fine. In fact our upper management is doing the best they can to contain your incompetence and lack of productivity. The stock price may be at record highs but that is in spite of your performance.

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    Yes, 70 percent of economy is consumer spending. But understand, also that, less than 1 percent in this country have 90 percent of the wealth. This means, even if those people never make another dime, they and their future generations will never go wanting. And think about this; big business loves high unemployment. Because of it, they can do and take what ever they want from their employees knowing full well how difficult, at best, it is to find a job that provides some semblance of a standard of living. BIG BUSINESS LOVES HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT!!
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    A nice post, but you may want to tweak your stats a bit.
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    Funniest thing I've read all nite. :congratualtions:
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    They said the same thing about Enron. I did this before but watch this if you haven't already. Its about Enron the rise and fall. It reminds me so much of Fedex Corporation in general.
    Watch it this weekend.
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    they must have some money I heard a rumor that they just bought back a few billion stocks
  14. MrFedEx

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    FedEx, the corporation, is doing "just fine". That's because the Ground scam is so incredibly profitable that it covers up for the disasters at Express and Office. Without Ground, they'd have nothing.
  15. fessup

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    Absolutely right! Our economic system is faulty - plain and simple. Fedex deliberately reduces their wage-earners disposable income in order to increase profit. And of course other companies are doing similiarly. No surprise that demand for goods and services then declines. Fred Smith is touted as some business guru so you would think he would understand this - and he does... but the nature of this system is that every "wolf" is out for himself.
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  16. fessup

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    Wow......... so typical of the political unsophisticats who are (unfortunately) rife within our ranks!
  17. fessup

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    I assume that the first post quoted here was made in jest....but that kind of attitude is pervasive amongh our ranks imo.
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    Yes. I was joking.
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    "We" are a shell. "We" have one mgr. A courier /(mgr) just made the call to shuttle out 200 late pkgs at 1500. There was no prior info that late freight even existed. We are short PM couriers. We are told to take lunch at 0900 in the station at the drop of a hat. Day wages for sure. WAD.
  20. MrFedEx

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    Express is a serious fuster cluck these days, and it's crystal clear that it's getting worse by the day. It is an effing joke.