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  1. Office has no employees in the stores and the company is melting down over dust and wiping counters. Some rumors that overpaid managers would be getting buyouts to right size payroll. Anyone hear anything about Office and who is getting to be paid to leave?
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    According to what has been announced to this point, no one who handles a package or supervises the handling of packages will be offered a buyout. More was to be announced later.
  3. I saw that. It's just clear that they have some of those senior managers that ran 3-7 stores now running one making less revenue and never had a pay cut. One Account Manager said they needed to right size staffing and starting with them makes sense since they could be easily replaced by someone making half of their 90k and the team members could work more than 32 hours.
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    I'm from Office, too. There are rumors circulating about some overpaid DMs from before the restructure and the SCM position. It's insane for them to pay them all that money to work in centers with no customers. FedEx Office will never have sales growth. On the TPS report, it ranks YoY growth but the company knows it's a failure so they put NYOY growth because it has always declined and it always will. SCM pay is killing the stores almost as bad as the company gouging the team member hours. It's the race to the bottom and everyone in SF hates the company. Let them buyout these positions and start to get the company where it can have more than one team member. The team members resent the company. I know they said no one that touches packages or supervises a person that touches packages will be paid to leave but I think these people must go. Dump the trainers, auditors and HR staffs, too. I like your name, I'll take a buyout, too.
  5. I appreciate it but it's not me that wants a buyout:> I need insurance but I know many people want to be bought out of this horrible company. One employee told another manager (my friend) that he really would like to ask for a buy out. As tough as the jobs at the other OpCo's are, Office is a humiliating job. We have to embarass ourselves to sell reams of paper since no one wants to print on it. The company took away any realistic bonus opportunities because they can't afford to pay them. Get out your broom, because it's a mess. The company was a leveraged buyout from CD&R and it's been a total disaster ever since.
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    is that why none of the 3 office workers at a local FedEx Office location didn't bother to help me move 7 60" Flatscreen TVs into their holding area (among other packages) ???

    I had to prop open the double doors with other packages & bring them in 2 at a time... a customer felt sorry for me & helped me out though:peaceful:
  7. That's pretty close, sorry about that!!!! The truth is nobody cares. None of the team members are treated with any respect. They are terrorized for failing to scrape tape off counters, pulling staples out of carpets and selling pens. They used to have jobs, now they just show up for 20% less and stand there until it's time to leave. However, I would have helped you because it's the right thing to do for people. PSP is alive and well in FXO. They treat the people like garbage, the people provide horrible service and there is no profit. It's not unlike what happened at Sprint.
  8. This is the reason people are anxious about the opportunity to leave with a buyout. The company is a total mess and even if you wanted to (which no one does) you couldn't do a good job. Leadership is out of touch and they go after everyone for their acumen in wiping.
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    Be very careful when a customer offers to help---if they get injured FedEx could be on the hook for their medical bills.
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    Why does UPS management ask us to have the consignees help us with over 70lb packages. I do this on a daily basis and assume that UPS knows they are open to any liability.
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    I (politely) refuse when customers offer to get on the truck and help me or when I have an Over 70. I would just rather not have to deal with any possible repercussions if the customer were to get hurt.
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    I really do not have a choice. When I returned to work years ago from a workers compensation back injury, including surgery, I had a lifetime weight restriction of 70lbs. Have been instructed to NEVER handle an over 70 by myself and follow that restriction. If no help is available, I have been told to sheet the parcel as missed or put on will call.


    Very good for you! I wish I could get a restriction like that, but Uncle Freddy and Aunt Matty would have already figured out how to get rid of me because of that....
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    Wow. Interesting commentary on FedEx Office. I had an AM from another center call me crying because she hates her job today. I agree on the positions you mention. Senior Centers need to go. One was complaining about the company giving Tier 3 time and a half and not them. They are doing team member activities just like Tier 3 since they don't have team members.
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    The company never really fixes anything. They won't clean up SCM or DMs like you suggest. Operations nonsense. BTW, I don't think they make 90,000. I think its more like 75. Either way, to much for what they do.
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    They need to add more team members to the stores. Having managers taking half the payroll is unfair and makes no business sense. Some of those bigger stores used to make 250,000 a month and now they make less than 100,000. Plus they were in charge of other stores.
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    Sounds like you have some highly motivated people there at Kinko's (everyone else still calls it that anyway). Amazing how when you treat people like crap, cut their pay, and make it clear that the company thinks they're toilet paper, that customer service sucks and turnover is high.
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    It wasn't hard to see that train wreck coming. In spite of what the execs said at the time, the two corporate cultures couldnt of been more different.
    It was a failure for both FedEx and Kinkos. Sad for those kinkos people. From what I could tell, they were a dedicated lot. Most all of them have moved on.
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    Yeah, turnover is high because they are desperate for people to quit. Team members making $19 an hour to ring a cash register. Before, they could use their skills to provide value. FXO needs serious operations buy outs unlike the other opco's. It's not much different from a 7-11.
  20. So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talked to some more people today. It's so miserable that the company might actually get what it wants. They can get these centers fixed by removing the bloated payroll. We haven't had a new account in years and all the old ones are doing less. Knowing them, they'll just buyout a trainer or cubicle dweller when they need to go out into the field and buyout everyone with a big salary. They are too scared to do it.