FedEx to start delivering ground on Sundays


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Yeah, these 22.4 jobs are gonna be great! Good news is if you wanna go home Monday or Tuesday, I have a feeling there will be plenty of opportunity.


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22.4 jobs


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I also read FedEx will start delivering all their SmartPost. Does this mean we’ll deliver all our SurePost? Isn’t there some clause that we only give the USPS SurePost if FedEx does the same?


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SurePost clause in the Master; but I re-read and it’s just super vague about a “Competition Committee” that reviews stuff every quarter. Article 26 Section 4

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From the article:

As part of the announcement, FedEx also said it planned to make changes to improve the efficiency of last-mile delivery. Roughly two million FedEx SmartPost packages previously given to the U.S. Postal Service for residential delivery will start to be integrated into FedEx Ground operations.

The release states in part:

“Since 2016, state-of-the-art technology has enabled the movement of a FedEx SmartPost package into the FedEx Ground network when another package is destined to the same or nearby address. This has resulted in the integration of approximately 20 percent of FedEx SmartPost packages to date. Starting this fall, the integration of these packages will be significantly accelerated, and the vast majority of FedEx SmartPost package volume is expected to be integrated into FedEx Ground operations for final delivery by the end of 2020.”