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    I FINALLY got out of Express by retiring after 25+ years. My last 2 years were fighting a Workers Comp claim which they categorally denied to pay. I had to hire a lawyer and reached an out-of-court settlement last month. I'm now in the process of applying for SS disability, (my knees and back got busted when I felt on a wet spot at the ramp), and also begin to collect from the pension.

    My question here is: Will they issue me a Retiree Batch being I had to sue the bastards and my exit was a less than desired manner? If not, what will I be missing if I don't get one? By speaking with various co-workers, they assure me the badge is only good for discount shipping. Is that true? In all honesty, it wouldn't surprise me a bit. Just curious...
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    Sorry you had to leave in such a manner, but congratulations on winning your settlement and on your retirement.

    I dont know anything about the badge, but don't retirees also get interline benefits?
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    I just looked into retiree benefits. You get discount shipping only if you worked at least 5 consecutive years before retirement(not sure if that applies in your case). And mgr has to approve you for rehire in system also. For discount air travel you just have to have at least 5 qualifying years(1000 hrs or more). And the only other benefit I believe is left is retiree healthcare, which is ridiculously expensive. You need to contact the retirement service center. Congrats on the milestone!
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    Thanks for looking that up Vantexan. I was on FMLA for almost 2 years before retiring. One day I got hurt and never returned to work. My last manager? I know for a fact he's not even with the Company any longer. As far as getting approve for rehire, once you sue the Company you are not a candidate for rehire, that includes every Opco. During settlement, they basically make you sign a document that you agree to never apply for employment again. Under those circumstances, that disqualify me for a badge. Funny thing is I still have in my possesion my never expiring employee ID.
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    IDs have an expiration date now.


    And mine doesn't.
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    I'm sure it's been deactivated by now.
    Hang onto that though. You can be a courier for Halloween next month.
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    If you're 55 and taking the traditional pension you should still get the retiree badge. Should being the operative word. It's worth pursuing for the retiree discount travel. A bit disappointed that there's only a handful of airlines that offer retiree travel but one, AirTran, is a discounter with unlimited flights.
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    I also still have an I.D. without an expiry.


    Ha! There is nothing like being retired! I wouldn't work at this joint even if I was born again.
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    Exactly most front counter CSAs don't check don't care, show em the ID.. ship away!