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    So I am playing around turbo tax putting in my numbers off my paycheck. Came to the health insurance section and apparently turbo tax don't need any information off this form for you to do your taxes. All it says is to keep this form for your records. Anyone have any thoughts on this.
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    If they don't need it don't worry about it.

    Staples it to your copy of your return before filing it away.
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    UPS files a 1095-C with the IRS along with sending you a copy. Just like your W-2 and other tax documents, 1099's, etc. we no longer need to send these forms in with our returns. They have a copy.

    Just keep it with your other tax documents for your records and in case you are audited.
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    Along with your receipts for 10 pairs of work boots, 100 pair of gloves, $5,000 worth of laundry expenses and you 100% cell phone bill that you write off.
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    Are escorts at lunch a write off?
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    Only if they give you a receipt.
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    I thought the act just had to be done in the package car? At least that's what my tax guy told me.
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    You can't claim a deduction without a receipt as proof dangit.
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    That's what I get for getting my taxes done by a guy with two first names